Nigel Farage Claims Establishment Is Trying To Force Him Out Of UK After Closing His Bank Accounts

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Nigel Farage

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farrage has claimed that the establishment are trying to forced him to leave the UK after his bank accounts were closed for no apparent reason.

He revealed his accounts had been closed shortly after he picked up News Presenter of the Year at the TRIC Awards on Tuesday.

Farage refused to name the bank but described it as a “subsidiary of a big banking group with a very prestigious name”. He also said that he’d been to seven other banks to ask for a personal and business account, but has not been granted one.

The former Brexit leader is now warning “if they can do it to me, they can do it to you too”.

Farage, who was a prominent pro-Leave campaigner, said he thinks that he has been designated as a politically exposed person (PEP), a banking requirement that came into force when the UK was part of the EU.

Twitter user Wall Street Silver noted that this is the beginning of a “social credit score system” being implemented in Britain

National World reports: Farage posted a six-minute video on Twitter on Thursday (29 June) where he said how he is being made to feel like a “non person” after several different lenders have refused him from opening personal and business accounts. He explained fears that he would soon be unable to borrow money, obtain a mortgage or have a debit or credit card linked to a UK account which could force him to leave the country.

In the statement, Farage noted: “I got a phone call a couple of months ago to say ‘we are closing your accounts’, I asked ‘why’, no reason was given. I was told a letter would come which will explain everything, the letter came through and simply said ‘we are closing your accounts, we want to finish it all by a date’, which is around about now. I didn’t quite know what to make of it, I complained, I emailed the chairman, a lackey phoned me to say that it was a commercial decision, which I have to say, I don’t believe for a single moment.

“So I thought, well there we are, I’ll have to go and find a different bank, I’ve been to seven banks, asked them all ‘could I have a personal and a business account?’, and the answer has been no in every single case. There is nothing irregular or unusual about what I do, the payments that go in and come out every month are pretty much the same, I maintain in my business account quite a big positive cash balance, which I guess with interest rates where they are is pretty good for the bank too.

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