MSM, Along With The Uusal Suspects, Lie About Trump’s ‘Bloodbath’ Remarks

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The mainstream media should be ashamed…

During a rally in Ohio on Saturday, Donald Trump said that if he is not reelected in November there would a “bloodbath” in the auto industry due to outsourcing.

So the Democrats and their media minions jumped on the opportunity to take Trump’s comments out of context for propagnda purposes.

Misrepresenting Trumps “chilling” words, they claimed he was calling for violence against his political enemies.

NBC News reported: “Former President Donald Trump vowed at a rally that there would be a ‘bloodbath’ if he’s not re-elected in November”.

Infowars reports: The Biden campaign also skewed Trump’s “bloodbath” remark.

“This is who Donald Trump is: a loser who gets beat by over 7 million votes and then instead of appealing to a wider mainstream audience doubles down on his threats of political violence,” Biden campaign spokesman James Singer told NBC News.

He wants another January 6, but the American people are going to give him another electoral defeat this November because they continue to reject his extremism, his affection for violence, and his thirst for revenge.”

Even former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) hopped on the fake news “bloodbath” bandwagon Sunday on CNN.

“He’s even predicting a ‘bloodbath.’ What does that mean? He’s going to exact a bloodbath? There’s something wrong here,” Pelosi said.

Fortunately, the media’s dishonest “bloodbath” narrative was quickly debunked on X.

“This isn’t even an example of bias, this is an instance of intentionally misleading the public. These media outlets are so dishonest,” wrote Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.).

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