Chris Christie Approves Law Allowing Pedophiles To Marry Children

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Chris Christie allows pedophiles to marry children

The Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie has given his blessing to pedophiles, allowing them to marry and rape minors, as long as they claim its “part of their religion.”

Christie vetoed bill A3091 that was designed to protect children from religious perverts.  He cited “concerns for religious traditions” for the veto, claiming that dirty old men should be allowed to get their wicked way with children if they so wish.

In a statement to the media, Christie said;

“I agree that protecting the well-being, dignity, and freedom of minors is vital, but the severe bar this bill creates is not necessary to address the concerns voiced by the bill’s proponents and does not comport with the sensibilities and, in some cases, the religious customs, of the people of this State.”

Patheos reports:

Christie’s reasoning is flawed. There are no “religious customs” that offer a moral justification for child marriage. In fact, reasonable people can assume that any custom that forces or permits child marriage is in fact immoral.

While Christie did not specify what “religious customs” he was referring to, there are both Muslims and Christians who believe child marriages, often arranged and even against the will of the minors involved, are appropriate.

Politico reports:

The top sponsor of the measure was Republican Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz, who said at a committee hearing last year that she introduced the bill after hearing “compelling” stories of minors forced into marriages for religious reasons.

Under current New Jersey law, children under 16 can be legally married with parental consent and approval from a sympathetic judge.

As for the legislation Christie vetoed, The New Jersey Law Journal reports: “The bill—sponsored by Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz, R-Union, and Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, D-Mercer—passed both chambers of the Legislature with only token opposition.”

In a statement advocating for the legislation, state Sen. Nellie Pou (D-Passaic) said:

Marriage is a legal contract and it should be reserved for adults It is startling for people to learn that there are many underage marriages happening here in New Jersey. As a state, we have a responsibility to protect our residents, and moral obligation to protect children and this bill takes the necessary steps to do that.

True Jersey notes that opponents of the ban on child marriage worry that pregnant teenagers would be prevented from getting married and their child would be “born out of wedlock.”

Reuters reports that child marriage in the U.S. is not as uncommon as many Americans would like to believe. According to research, almost 250,000 children, the vast majority of them girls, were married in the United States between 2000 and 2010.

Bottom line: There is no moral justification for child marriage. Full stop.


  1. The Talmud, the Jewish holy book

    Sanhedrin 55b

    Rab said: Pederasty with a child below nine years of
    age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that. Samuel said: Pederasty
    with a child below three years is not treated as with a child above that.24
    (24) I.e., Rab makes nine years the minimum; but if one committed sodomy
    with a child of lesser age, no guilt is incurred. Samuel makes three the

    Talmud Pedophilia: The Jewish Religion Allows Sex with 3-Year-Old Baby Girls and Little Boys Under Nine

  2. So they want a child bride for what purpose though.. andybody can see that is not right… when are these people going to be dealt with.. im not too happy about all this

  3. Where are the parents of these poor wee souls who are most definitely going to be sodomized and worse.this fat lump needs to be arrested

    • Where are the parents? The parents of many of these wee souls are probably praying five times a day to Allah kneeling on their prayer mats or in the mosques and condone child marriage in their culture.

      • Child marriages occur in the US by mostly Christians not Muslims
        “Unchained At Last, a nonprofit I founded to help women resist or escape forced marriage in the United States, spent the past year collecting marriage license data from 2000 to 2010, the most recent year for which most states were able to provide information. We learned that in 38 states, more than 167,000 children — almost all of them girls, some as young 12 — were married during that period, mostly to men 18 or older>
        “Most states did not provide identifying information about the children, but Unchained has seen child marriage in nearly every American culture and religion, including Christian, Jewish, Muslim and secular communities. ”

        • There are crooked religions in all groups, even Christian. But Christianity in of itself doesn’t condone this. I’m Christian and trust me, a person would die if they touched my children.

    • Every good person on the Earth will stomp out these sickos! Then there may be some peace, I hope. Just think about this fact, Chris Kristie was supposedly going to be a top pick for the head of the FBI according to MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Thank the real God ( your preference) Sheriff Clarke is working for Homeland Security now. Only problem is that they will take the child brides on a plane back to Israel or somewhere else. Still subject to State laws pertaining though. Extradition is just that.

  4. You don’t need religion to understand Chris Christie is a fat pute, the parents are criminals and that America is so Fucked!…

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