German Gov’t: ‘Illegal Migrants Are Perfectly Entitled to Mass Loot Grocery Stores’

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German government declare illegal immigrants are entitled to loot grocery stores

The German government has announced that illegal migrants in the country are now free to loot grocery stores without fear of arrest.

A shop owner in Germany has become the first victim of the radical new policy, after he was denounced as a “racist” by German officials for criticizing migrants who mass looted his store.

Grocery store manager Gatzke told Bild that all of the thieves who steal from his store are migrants. reports: During one incident at the Edeka supermarket in Regensburg, a man stole €140 euros worth of goods, while the manager has also tried to stop thieves stealing groceries worth €300 euros.

“In the bag were spirits: vodka and liqueurs again. They are Muslims — did they want to resell the alcohol?” asked Gatzke.

“What do you need 10 sea bream and so many shrimp for? Nobody steals that because they’re hungry,” he added.

Gatzke noted that the culprits even steal shopping bags worth up to €2.50 euros.

However, he was denounced as a “racist” for complaining about the mass looting and subsequently criticized by Ferat Koçak, a member of the Berlin House of Representatives for The Left party.

Siding with the criminals, Koçak suggested that the migrants were “entitled” to steal because the government wasn’t giving them enough free money in welfare payments.

“I would say that people get back what they are entitled to,” Koçak posted on X.

“One of the central problems is that the authorities are overloaded and many refugees are not even paid what they need to live,” he added.

The leftist demanded that more migrants immediately be given work permits “so that they can lead their lives independently.”

Koçak’s sentiment is increasingly being rejected by ordinary Germans however, with the country becoming the latest major European nation to begin openly talking about re-migration.

Anti-mass migration party AfD has also rapidly increased its support base, despite attempts by the establishment to ban the party altogether in the name of “democracy”.

Meanwhile, in the UK, supermarkets are now having to employ people to stand at the exit and check receipts against shopping carts due to try to stem mass looting.

Another win for diversity!

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