Iran’s Leader: U.S. Nuclear Negotiations Are A Lie

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The leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, told government officials during a speech that he was not optimistic about the nuclear negotiations taking place between Iran and the U.S.

He said “I am not optimistic because experience has proved this. The Americans are unreliable, unreasonable and dishonest when they approach us.” reports:

Well, I would like to raise a few points about our current issues with America, which is a source of discussions these days. There are certain questions in the minds of the people. First, I want to offer an important and necessary piece of advice: no one should think that the negotiating team of our country have compromised with the other party which includes America – the six governments which are known as the P5+1. This is wrong. They are the agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran. They are our own children and they are the children of the Revolution.

They are carrying out a mission and the responsibility which they have undertaken is difficult. They are carrying out this responsibility, which falls on their shoulders, with many efforts. Therefore, one should not weaken and insult them and use certain terms – which we sometimes hear such as the notion that they have compromised with the enemy and other such things – against an agent who is carrying out a task and who is in charge of an affair. The things that are said against them are not true.

You should pay attention to the fact that the current negotiations with these six countries – including America – are only about the nuclear issue and nothing else. In the beginning of this year, I said in Holy Mashhad that there is nothing wrong with negotiations on particular issues. But I said that I do not trust these negotiations and I am not optimistic about them. However, if they want to negotiate, they can do it and, by Allah’s favor, we will not suffer a loss in these negotiations.[1]

but I am not optimistic because experience has proved this. The Americans are unreliable, unreasonable and dishonest when they approach us.[2]

The Iranian nation benefits from a certain experience which I will refer to in brief. This experience will increase the intellectual capability of our nation, like the experience that we gained in the year 1382 and 1383 in the area of suspending our enrichment activities. At that time, during negotiations with the Europeans, the Islamic Republic agreed to suspend its enrichment activities for a while. But this turned out to be to our benefit. Why?

It is because we found out there is no hope at all that our western partners will cooperate with us if we suspend our enrichment activities. If we had not accepted that optional suspension – of course, it was imposed in a way, but we and our officials accepted it anyway – some people would have said, “If you had retreated a little bit, all problems would have been solved and Iran’s nuclear file would have become normal”.[1]

That act of suspending our enrichment activities brought us this advantage: it became clear that problems will not be solved by retreating, suspending enrichment activities, postponing our work and cancelling many of our plans and programs. It became clear that the other side is after something else. We noticed this and therefore we started our enrichment activities again.

Today, the condition of the Islamic Republic has dramatically changed compared to its condition in the year 1382. In those days, we used to bargain for two, three centrifuges, but today several thousand centrifuges are working. Our youth, our scientists, our researchers and our officials made great efforts and moved things forward. Therefore, we will not suffer a loss as a result of today’s ongoing negotiations.

Of course, as I said, I am not optimistic and I do not think that these negotiations will produce the results which the Iranian nation expects. However, it is an experience. This will broaden and strengthen the experience of the Iranian nation. It is alright to hold these negotiations, but it is necessary for the Iranian nation to be vigilant. We strongly support our officials, who are active in the camp of diplomacy, but our people should be vigilant. They should know what is happening so that some mercenary promoters of the enemy and some promoters who receive no rewards and who further the goals of the enemy out of naivety cannot mislead public opinion.[1]

* [1]: Ayatollah Khamenei Meets with Students on “National Day of Fighting Against Global Arrogance” 03/11/2013

* [2]: Ayatollah Khamenei’s Speech to Government Officials 21/07/2013

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