Biden’s Military Now Forcing Troops To Wear ‘Arm Bands’ To Prove Vaccine Status

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US military forcing troops to wear arm bands to prove vaccine status

Military toops at a southern military base are now being forced to wear red armbands to indicate they have not been vaccinated for Covid-19.

Several military sources have reported that a Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, Louisiana, has introduced red armbands to signify unvaccinated troops and green armbands to signify vaccinated troops.

National Guard troops are also wearing blue bracelets to signify that they have been vaccinated. reports: Troops “in the box” at Fort Polk who do not desire to comply with armbands due to concerns that it unduly coerces them to be vaccinated prior to FDA approval and a top-level military order are left with little recourse at this time. They are subject to discipline under the UCMJ if they refuse to obey direct orders.

“Army Troops are being forced to wear bracelets to segregate them as unvaxxed,’ Tennessee congressional candidate Robby Starbuck said on Twitter. “This should NEVER happen in America. I’m so disgusted I barely have words. I’ll be doing everything in my power to stop this lunacy. Who’s with me?” he asked.

A second military member, who describes himself as being in the U.S. Air Force, came forward to say that he wore a blue wrist band. The Air Force member did not yet clarify upon questioning if the wrist band was for vaccinated or unvaccinated status, or if it was only during a quarantine phase.

A photo from the JRTC page on Facebook appears to confirm the red arm bands have indeed been put into place.

Becker News reached out to Fort Polk for comment and has not heard back at the time of publication. Freelance journalist Michele Blood, however, was able to obtain a comment from JRTC at Fort Polk via social media.

“What do the green arm/wrist bands signify?” Blood asked.

“[T] hey identify COVID vaccination status which allow our OCTs to have the ability to conduct any needed contact tracing quickly, providing a safer environment for the training rotation and the people who work to support it,” the JRTC Operations Group admin. replied.

While the military orders at a single base under a post commander may not seem to constitute an imminent social crisis, it may be a harbinger of things to come for the entire U.S. military and the American public at large. Thus, it is unsurprising to see some in the military compare the vaccine segregation to socially divisive practices seen in Germany prior to the Second World War.

A response to a post regarding JRTC and Fort Polk shows that the reaction from a section of troops has been heated.

“So… first you’re going to mande the vaccine for folks who work on post under penalty of losing their jobs,” one responder wrote. “Then you’re going to try to bribe them with a lottery? I’m disappointed, Sir.”

“The red and green arm bands are a nice touch too,” the respondent added. “I’m going to draw a six-pointed star on mine just to remind anyone who still has any sense left what is going on here.”

In an editorial published with America’s Frontline Doctors, author Mordechai Sones makes the comparison of vaccine ‘segregation’ to the division of Jews and other undesirables from the rest of the German population in Nazi Germany.

“Just like Nazis splintered Germany using antisemitism as their preferred cudgel, Democrats and Republicans are lining up behind a plot to revive segregation in America using fear of COVID-19 as their weapon of choice,” Sones wrote.

“To overcome public hesitancy or outright hostility to these ‘vaccines’ that promise to turn human beings into Operating Systems that need technology refreshes every 6-12 months, governments are turning to coercions the same way Nazis forced Jews to wear yellow armbands. Instead of the yellow ‘star of David’, politicians, pundits, health professionals and opinion leaders are floating the idea of ‘vaccine’ passports,” Zones added.

The practice of using armbands to demarcate a population was made infamous in Nazi Germany. “The Jews of Europe were legally compelled to wear badges or distinguishing garments (e.g., pointed hats) at least as far back as the 13th century,” the Holocaust Center notes.

This isn’t to suggest that military troops are in the same situation as Jews in Nazi Germany; but the principle of visibly marking off a non-vaccinated population in such a fashion is similar in certain ways. It seeks to put pressure on non-conformists using signaling and stigmatization. If one might borrow post-modernist language, it “otherizes” them.

The general public is already being coerced into using vaccine passports in New York City and elsewhere. While armbands to signify vaccinated and unvaccinated have not been implemented, the military’s application of armbands may be a signal that such measures may be on the horizon.

There may be cases where wearing an armband could be helpful in a pandemic, such as in the case of those who are immunocompromised. The BBC reported that there have been proposals for individuals with weak immune systems to wear an orange armband, as seen below.

It is not just arm bands that are being used in the military, according to reports. Wrist bracelets have also been used to denote vaccination status. Military publication Sofrep reported in April that at Fort Drum, members of the 10th mountain division was forced to wear blue bracelets to signify they had been vaccinated.

“The blue bracelets have the words ‘For Our Country’ written on them,” the publication noted. “These bracelets allow you to go to the gym and sit in the chow hall. They will also enable you to take leave.”

However, the news comes as soldiers have sued the Pentagon, Health & Human Services & the FDA on the upcoming Covid vaccine mandate. The soldiers attest that the order violates the Nuremburg Code, a post-WWII set of guidelines for ethics in medical practice, given that the Emergency Use Authorization status of the Covid vaccines resembles being at an ‘experimental’ stage. The FDA has not approved the vaccines, but is expected to imminently.

“Plaintiffs Staff Sergeant Daniel Robert, U.S. Army, and Staff Sergeant Holli Mulvihill, USMC, individually and on behalf of all other similarly situated active duty, National Guard, and Reserve servicemembers, as documented survivors of COVID-19, file this action against the Department of Defense (“DoD”), seeking a declaratory judgment that the DoD cannot force them to take a COVID-19 vaccination under existing military regulations, federal regulations, federal law, and the U.S. Constitution,” the plaintiffs’ legal complaint states.

“The Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin (the “SECDEF”) has publicly notified Plaintiffs, via Memo, that he will seek authorization from the President of the United States of America (the “President”), to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine on or about September 15, 2021,” the plaintiffs note. “Upon information and belief, the DoD is already vaccinating military members in flagrant violation of its legal obligations and the rights of servicemembers under federal law and the Constitution.”

“Army Regulation 40-562 provides documented survivors of an infection, a presumptive medical exemption from vaccination because of the natural immunity acquired as a result of having survived the infection,” the legal complaint added.

“General examples of medical exemptions include the following… Evidence of immunity based on serologic tests, documented infection, or similar circumstances,” the lawsuit cites.

“Plaintiffs also seek a declaratory judgment on the separate basis that the Emergency Use Authorization (“EUA”) DoD COVID-19 Vaccine mandate, which they have been notified is imminent, cannot be issued in violation of 10 U.S.C. §1107 [U.S. Code] and its implementing regulations, including DoD Directive 6200.2, the FDA regulation of biologics at 21 C.F.R. § 50 et seq., as well as the law regarding informed consent 50 U.S.C. 1520 (‘The Nuremburg Code’),” the lawsuit added.

The plaintiffs are also submitting in their lawsuit expert testimony from Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D., who is board certified in internal medicine and was the Chief Fellow at William Beaumont Hospital. In addition to being a cardiologist, he also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan. He is currently a Professor of Medicine at Texas Christian University and the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center School of Medicine.

The relevant portion of the doctor’s testimony is submitted in text image format below:

“To put it concisely and bluntly, people who have naturally created antibodies resulting from contracting and recovering from the Virus should not receive any inoculation against the virus or any family or variant thereof becuase it will do more harm than good,” Dr. McCullough is testifying.

While vaccine objectors may refer to the Nuremburg Code, a foundational set of international guidelines on “informed consent,” some legal analysts argue that referral to this doctrine as a rationale to avoid mandatory vaccines may fail to move courts, particularly if there is FDA authorization.

“Legally, vaccines under emergency use authorization require service members to grant ‘informed consent’ to receive one, which they are allowed to withhold,” U.S. News reported. “The law states a president may override that concern in the ‘interests of national security,’ according to an analysis from Duke University’s Lawfire blog in February.”

Robert Sanders, chair of the National Security Department at the University of New Haven, pointed to the case of troop vaccination to protect them from anthrax. A follow-on case found such orders did not violate troops’ constitutional rights because, “The requirement to place the needs of the nation above a service member’s personal welfare applies in peacetime as well as in war.”

An Armed Forces member refusing to take the vaccine is subject to punishment under the U.C.M.J., an AP report in early August noted. The punishment for refusal to obey an order may escalate up to court martial.

“Some unvaccinated service members have suggested they’d get the shot once it’s required, but others are flatly opposed,” the report said. “Military officials have said that once the vaccine is mandated, a refusal could constitute failure to obey an order, and may be punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.”

“Army guidance, for example, includes counseling soldiers to ensure they understand the purpose of the vaccine and the threat the disease poses,” the AP continued. “The Army also notes that if a soldier ‘fails to comply with a lawful order to receive a mandatory vaccine, and does not have an approved exemption, a commander may take appropriate disciplinary action’.”

The United States military is likely to make vaccines for COVID-19 mandatory in the near future, based on multiple reports from the U.S. Army and Navy. The FDA is poised to potentially give fully authorization to Pfizer’s vaccine on Monday.

“The Army has directed commands to prepare to administer mandatory COVID-19 vaccines as early as Sept. 1, pending full Food and Drug Administration licensure,” the Army Times earlier reported. “The directive came from an execute order sent to the force by Department of the Army Headquarters.”

Meanwhile, similar reports of mandatory vaccines in the imminent future are coming out of the U.S. Navy.

“As COVID-19 vaccine rates continue to inch upward and cases continue to fall across America, the Navy’s top personnel officer said this week that sailors should expect the vaccine to become mandatory in the not-too-distant future,” the Navy Times reported.

“Speaking at a Facebook townhall eventChief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. John Nowell noted that the vaccine remains voluntary for now because of its emergency-use status,” the Navy Times continued. “But when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration fully approves the vaccines, the Navy will likely make it mandatory, like the flu jab, Nowell said.”

“When it’s formally approved, which we expect pretty soon, we’ll probably go to that,” Nowell told one sailor. “That question will be moot,” he added.

According to Department of Defense data, approximately 72 percent of sailors are fully vaccinated, while 82 percent of sailors have received at least one COVID shot. The U.S. Army has above a 68 percent vaccination rate.

“Among active-duty troops, 68 percent have received at least one dose, according to Dr. Terry Adirim, the acting assistant defense secretary for health affairs,” the Military Times reported. “Adding in the Reserve and National Guard components, just over 51 percent of all troops are at least partially vaccinated.”

The U.S. military already has a lengthy list of mandatory vaccinations. The Army, for example, lists the following: Adenovirus, Types 4 and 7; Influenza (Flu Shot); Measles; Meningococcal; Mums; Polio; Rubella; Tetanus-diphtheria. This does not include vaccinations for travel to high-risk areas, which may entail more shots, such as for Hepatitis A; JE Vaccine (Japanese B Encephalitis); Meningococcal; and Typhoid.

Approximately one-third of recruits had been refusing the COVID vaccine, which is higher than the general population. If the FDA changes Emergency Use Authorization to full authorization for COVID vaccines, they may no longer have a choice, unless soldiers’ litigation against the Pentagon succeeds in court.

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