Kamala Harris Laughs Like a Hyena When Reporter Asks Her About Stranded Americans in Afghanistan (VIDEO)

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Kamala Harris laughs like a hyena when confronted about stranded Americans in Afghanistan

Vice President Kamala Harris burst out laughing in a reporters face when she was confronted about the thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

Just before taking off for a flight to visit to Singapore this week, Harris walked over to a gaggle of reporters on the tarmac.

Harris couldn’t contain her delight when a reporter started to ask her about Americans trapped in the Taliban-run country.


Thegatewaypundit.com reports: It is a bloody and chaotic scene outside of the Kabul airport this weekend thanks to Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal.

On Saturday the Biden administration warned Americans trapped in Afghanistan of potential security threats and not to travel to the Kabul Airport.

Shortly after the US embassy sent out the warning to Americans, the Associated Press received word of a potential ISIS threat against Americans.

The US military is being forced to develop new ways to safely get Americans to Kabul airport.

The Taliban is confiscating US passports and driver’s licenses.

But Kamala Harris’ priority is to travel to Singapore and Vietnam to discuss regional security issues.


  1. with diplomatic immunity they can have millions of dollars worth of heroin in their briefcases .They live in another world , one which journalists are absolutely the last to evert know .

  2. Just think.. this hyena could be our President as soon as Biden’s next trip down the stairs or a collapse at the podium. The DNC, Biden’s family and staff knew of his condition before he was nominated yet covered it all up, hiding him in a basement. Some crimes have been committed.

  3. Harris has mental issues just like Biden. Must be something she contacted while polishing Willie Brown’s willie.

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