Trump Retweets Post Calling Colin Powell A ‘WMD Hoaxer’ & Biden A ‘Puppet’

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Trump Powell

President Trump has shared a tweet that calls warmonger Colin Powell a ‘Neocon weapons of mass destruction hoaxer’, and describes Joe Biden as the Establishment’s puppet.

Trump retweeted a post by Mark Dice an American You Tuber, activist, author, and right-wing conservative pundit.

Powell, the former Secretary of State who served under President George W Bush, appeared at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night to endorse Joe Biden for president.

He told the DNC that he shared the same common values as Biden and supported him “because we need to restore those values to the White House.”

He also slammed the Trump administration for sowing division between Americans.

“Today, we are a country divided, and we have a president doing everything in his power to make it that way and keep us that way,” said the man who lied the US into disastrous 2003 Iraq war.


  1. Thats right And you could easily see he knew he was supporting wmd liars too ,and he didn’t say anyrhing He went along with the lie set up by 9/11.The whole lie to rob and murder and destroy Sharia Law as a competitor of Canon Law To make the Pipe the winner All of ,just like covid ,all set up by the Catholics and their partners .

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