Intelligence Chief Warns China About to Launch ‘Surprise Attack’ on U.S.

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China about to launch surprise attack on U.S. - intelligence boss warns

Vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Hyten has warned that Communist China is about to launch a surprise attack on the U.S. with deadly hypersonic space weapons.

In an interview with CBS news, Hyten pointed out that China’s hypersonic weapons test sent a missile around the world at more than five times the speed of sound:

“They launched a long-range missile.

“It went around the world, dropped off a hypersonic glide vehicle that glided all the way back to China, that impacted a target in China.”

He added it also got ‘close enough’ to hitting its intended target – the United States of America. reports: Hyten’s Tuesday interview came after a Monday night virtual meeting between President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping. It was not clear whether the two discussed the hypersonic test, though Biden expressed concern about it when the initial report emerged last month. 

China has pledged since 1964 that it would not be the first party in a conflict to use nuclear weapons. The South China Morning Post reported in October that Beijing had reiterated its “no first use” policy, despite some officials urging a rethink.

The United States has repeatedly refused to adopt a “no first use” policy, but has vowed not to use nukes against countries that do not have them.

Last month, Hyten warned that China could soon surpass America’s military capability “if we don’t do something to change it.” 

“What you need to be worried about is that in the last five years, or maybe longer, the United States has done nine hypersonic missile tests, and in the same time the Chinese have done hundreds,” he said.

“The pace they’re moving and the trajectory they’re on will surpass Russia and the United States if we don’t do something to change it,” Hyten added. “It will happen.”

Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, described China’s hypersonic test as “very concerning” last month.

“What we saw was a very significant event of a test of a hypersonic weapon system,” said Milley, who later added: “I don’t know if it’s quite a Sputnik moment, but I think it’s very close to that. It has all of our attention.” 

Hyten stopped short of agreeing with Milley’s comparison when asked about it Tuesday.

“From a technology perspective, it’s pretty impressive,” he said. “But Sputnik created a sense of urgency in the United States … The test on July 27 did not create that sense of urgency.  I think it probably should create a sense of urgency.”

The US has started to take some defensive measures in the Pacific following the test and is testing an Iron Dome anti-missile system in Guam.

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