Bill Gates Is Planning ‘Catastrophic Contagion’ That Kills Children and Young Adults

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Bill Gates planning catastrophic contagion that targets children and young people

Bill Gates has admitted to his inner circle and he is working on a new ‘catastrophic contagion’ that will infect and kill millions of children and young adults.

Gates’ uncanny ability to “predict” future pandemics is well documented. In addition to preparing for the Covid-19 pandemic via Event 201, he also conducted a “monkeypox preparedness exercise” in 2021 that predicted the emergence of monkeypox down to the exact month when it emerged.

Gates also purchased equity in biotech startup BioNTech just two months before the Covid-19 pandemic started and profited over a billion dollars. BioNTech supplies the Pfizer Covid vaccine — despite having never worked on vaccines before the pandemic.

Igor’s Newsletter writes: So, I recommend listening closely when Bill Gates predicts a future pandemic. He knows something we might not be aware of.

Listen to the 19-second video below of Bill saying, “We’ll get attention NEXT TIME”!

I pray for the young people threatened in the “Catastrophic Contagion” exercise and hope they will be somehow saved!

Do you think “the next pandemic is just around the corner”?