BBC Blamed For ‘Anti-Muslim Bias’ In Finsbury Park Mosque Attack Trial 

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The prosecution working on the Finsbury Park mosque attack trial have blamed the BBC for being too 'anti-Muslim' which they say resulted in a man driving a van at a group of Muslims on June 17th, 2017.

The prosecution working on the Finsbury Park mosque attack trial have blamed the BBC for being too ‘anti-Muslim’ which they say resulted in a man driving a van at a group of Muslims on June 17th, 2017.

Woolwich Crown Court saw the start this week of the trial of 48 yr. old Cardiff man Darren Osbourne.

On June 17th, 2017, Osbourne is alleged to have hired a transit van. He was later seen shouting the odds against Muslims down his  local pub, the Hollybush in Pentwyn. He was also filmed on the pub’s CCTV writing out a “personal manifesto”. He then drove to London and rammed the van into a crowd of Muslims close to the Finsbury Park Mosque on the morning of June 19th. This action killed 51 yr old Makram Ali, and injured 9 others.

Britain was in a fever pitch at the time this went down. The country had suffered ISIS attacks one after the other, two of them during the General Election campaign.

On March 22nd, an attacker drove a van directly at people on Westminster bridge before he exited the vehicle and charged the House of Commons armed with a couple of steak knives. The attacker was killed but not before 5 people lives their lives and 50 others were injured.

Then we had the horror at Manchester Arena on May 22nd, where at the end of an Ariana Grande concert an explosion killed 22 people, most of whom were children, and injured 59 more.

And then we had a third attack on London Bridge on the 3rd of June, using similar methods to the Westminster bridge attack. 7 people were dead and 48 more injured, as a trio of attackers came for people armed with knives. All 3 were shot dead by police, but not before they were savaged and driven off by local hero Roy Larner, who saved an entire pub of people by diving at the attackers with two broken bottles with his now famous battle cry “fuck you, I’m Milwall!”.

Larner took multiple lacerations but survived to make a full recovery, and will forever be “The Lion of London Bridge”, although he did have to take “diversity training” to encourage him to play more nicely with others and not be racist.

Tales of such heroism aside, the country was in devastated shock. Perhaps it is not too surprising how these attacks in themselves would inspire at least somebody to try a “revenge attack”, and that is the most rational explanation for Osbourne’s actions. But what is concerning this week is the politicisation of the case by the prosecution and its statements casting out to place blame on society.

Surprisingly, the state broadcaster the BBC is in the middle of this.

On three consecutive nights, 16-18th May 2017 the BBC  aired a drama called “Three Girls”. This drama recreated events in Rochdale, where young “white trash” working class girls were dragged into underaged prostitution by a gang of ethnically Pakistani Muslim males. And by doing so, nationally aired a subject that had been deliberately covered up, especially by Labour politicians and police, for fear of a “racist” backlash, either anti-Pakistani, or anti-Islam.

It is harrowing stuff, especially the first episode. However, it is a balanced and proportionate piece. The problem is, the subject matter is so damn tough to take after after being covered up for so long.

However, this week the Osbourne prosecution has directly blamed this mini-series for “setting off” Darren Osbourne, and therefore suggested the programme should never have been made! Certain newspapers, such as the Birmingham Mail, have accused the BBC of brainwashing Osbourne. As if the facts displayed in the docu-drama were in any way not the facts.

We have been down this road in Britain before. It’s a small island with high population density and the State trying not to talk about things that the street knows full well is going on, never ends well.

And this has further extended to attacking alternate media figures, such as Rebel Media’s Tommy Robinson, and Jayda Fransen, of “Britain First”. The prosecution has alleged Osbourne viewed both of their online posts, which highlight the Islamic extremist threat within the UK. This is probably true, but there is no sign of direct connection between Osbourne and either of their social media accounts, other than Osbourne being on a Rebel Media newsletter list. Those who respond to petitions run by Rebel know that sign-up details are automatically put on a newsletter list.

In other words, Osbourne used the internet sparingly. He wasn’t glued to it 24/7, he simply looked at it, read it, and sat at home, and watched the telly, the news, the 24/7 “crisis” coverage after each attack, the BBC drama. And who knows what interactions with Muslims in the Cardiff area over the course of living his own life. And its all of those factors that made him into a Welsh counter-Jihadi.

His actions were bloody stupid and helped no-one. Its right he is facing judgement for what he did, he took a life, he wrecked the lives of others.

BUT the fact this man flipped out, does NOT conclude society should shut up about the issues that have seen over 34 dead and 157 injured in 3 Islamic extremist attacks.

The British state seems desperate to shut up public discourse. On behalf of the state, the Osbourne prosecution is demonising both mainstream AND alternative media in its quest to expand the blame beyond Osbourne himself. It often seems the UK establishment wants to keep a lid on “Islamic extremism” in the UK, and its legitimate to wonder why.

Australian investigative journalist John Pilger has a convincing explanation. The same British state made use of radicalised British Muslims as their mercenaries, especially in Libya and Syria. Therefore, it is incredibly compromised and obliged to maintain a cover-up.  A cover-up that would be directly threatened by investigating the links of the Manchester Arena bomber. Pilger produced this bombshell report straight after Manchester Arena attack.

And here interviewed on RT:

And it was with interest I noted this tweet a month ago from East Aleppo’s MP, Fares Shehabi:

It seems clear that whatever the spin lines to come out of the Osbourne trial (and the defence presents next week), censorship and repression of the issues can only last so long. It is the British government itself who is truly compromised by Islamic extremists.

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