Clinton Appointed Judge DELAYS End to General Flynn Case

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Clinton appointed Emmet G. Sullivan delays conclusion of case against General Michael Flynn

Clinton appointed Judge Emmet G. Sullivan made the unusual decision on Tuesday to delay justice for General Michael Flynn.

Following the DOJ’s decision to drop its case against Flynn last Thursday after bombshell documents proved he was framed by Comey’s FBI, Judge Sullivan decided to solicit amicus briefs to allow for public comment on Flynn’s case.

The DOJ said in its motion to dismiss that “The interview of Mr. Flynn was untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn.”

The DOJ was referring to the January 24, 2017 FBI interview conducted by FBI counterintel chief Peter Strzok and FBI special agent Joe Pientka.

US Attorney General Bill Barr blasted Comey during an interview last Thursday with CBS’s Catherine Herridge and accused the FBI of laying a “perjury trap” for Flynn.

Despite all this, the federal judge assigned to Flynn’s case made the highly political decision to drag it out. reports: It was revealed on Tuesday that Judge Emmet Sullivan was soliciting amicus briefs to allow for public comment on Flynn’s case.

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Judge Sullivan a minute order anticipating that “individuals and organizations” will seek leave to file briefs “for the benefit of the Court.”

A briefing scheduling order will follow.

It looks like an amicus brief has already been filed.

“Judge Sullivan risks turning this into a circus,” said attorney Techno Fog.

Attorney Robert Barnes said this is an unusual move by Judge Sullivan.

It is important to note that Judge Sullivan in his order gave full discretion on which amicus briefs to approve to himself, which means he may likely approve ones critical to AG Bill Barr and General Flynn.

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