Ohio Hikers Capture ‘Devil Tree’ Burning From The Inside

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Ohio hikers capture a burning 'devil tree' on camera

A group of hikers from Ohio were stunned and “freaked out” after stumbling upon a burning tree dubbed the “devil tree” during a routine hike last week. 

The two hikers filmed a video of the spectacle and shared it on social media where users could clearly see a raging inferno burning inside of the tree but without any smoke or apparent damage to the outside of it.

Dailymail.co.uk reports:

In the beginning of the 30-second video, one of the hikers can be heard saying ‘What the f***,’ as the person filming aims the camera at the top of the tree, which is engulfed in flames from the inside.

The video shows bright orange colored flames raging from top to bottom inside of the tree.

There does not appear to be any fire damage on the outside of the tree or a sign of a fire burning anywhere nearby.

‘How is this even possible?’ one of the men asked in shock.

‘It’s starting to get up and around.’

The hiker then urges his friend that they ‘better get out of here,’ as the cameraman slips over twice.

Since being posted December 21, the viral video has been viewed more than 223,400 times.