Warren Says Inmates Are ‘Entitled’ To Free Sex Reassignment Surgery

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Elizabeth Warren says that transgender inmates are “entitled” to free sex reassignment surgery.

At Thursday’s LGBTQ town hall hosted by CNN, the presidential hopeful insisted that “gender-affirming surgery” was both “important and the appropriate medical care” for transgender prison inmates, whose healthcare is taxpayer-funded.

She also announced plans to abolish solitary confinement, end the policy of assigning prisoners to facilities based on their biological sex.

RT reports: At issue was her 2012 statement about proposed surgery for a trans inmate, in which she said, I don’t think it’s a good use of taxpayer dollars.

Asked to “speak to [her] evolution” on the matter by moderator Chris Cuomo, Warren called this statement a “bad answer” and begged forgiveness.

I believe that everyone is entitled to medical care and medical care that they need, and that includes people who are transgender, who – it is the time for them to have gender-affirming surgery.”

Warren wasn’t the only candidate at the town hall to promise the moon to the LGBT community – former vice president Joe Biden, currently neck-and-neck with Warren in the polls, said he would curtail foreign aid to countries that are not LGBT-friendly (one wonders if he’ll include Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality can be punishable by death).

The Massachusetts senator’s about-face on trans inmates received applause inside the town hall, but not everybody was impressed.

Is this standup comedy or something? We do need a prison reform, but that ain’t it,” one person tweeted

Others suggested Warren pay for the inmates’ surgery herself, saying “She will then feel good about it, but I will feel better.” 

Many took issue with her suggestion that gender reassignment surgery was a “right” and reminded her that prison was meant to be a punishment, not a wish-fulfillment center. 

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