Macron Vows To Abolish Nationalism: “France Is Dead”

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Emmanuel Macron vows to abolish nationalism in France

Emmanuel Macron has vowed to abolish nationalism in France and has outlined his hellish vision for “European sovereignty” to replace French culture and traditions. 

Declaring that the world is on the brink of “great transformations,” the far-left French President outlined his vision for a “European sovereignty” in which Brussels would have autonomy comparable to that of the United States of America. reports: Europe must become “the model for a humanist refoundation of globalisation”, he told the annual French ambassadors’ conference Monday, vowing to “redouble efforts” against patriotic conservative parties in the face of a world “where nationalisms have reawakened”.

The former banker singled out Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in his speech, pronouncing the latter a hypocrite for receiving EU funding while “making great speeches about Christianity” — which Macron said were “anti-European”.

In a dismissal of the two figures’ position that mass migration from the world’s poorest and most violent nations poses a threat to the continent’s safety, Macron claimed Europe’s existence rests on the bloc’s embrace of NGOs, the mainstream media, campaigners, and so-called human rights.

“Our security depends on the reaffirmation of our values, human rights which are at the very foundation, not only of the Council of Europe, but of the European Union, and the defence of all those who represent them every day — I think of non-governmental organisations, intellectuals, artists, activists, journalists,” he said.

Echoing his rhetoric from an earlier speech in which he hinted hundreds of millions of migrants will be flooding Europe “for many years to come” —  with “bombshell” African population growth causing an “unprecedented” age of mass migration for EU nations, the liberal premier said Brussels’ role in the world is to “propose a new collective organisation” against the backdrop of a “great demographic transformation”, especially in Africa and the West.

“Every day I listen to people saying ‘do not accept [illegal immigrants], do not welcome them, it is weakness to show goodwill’”, Macron complained, asserting that the continuing arrival of hundreds of thousands of third world migrants to Europe’s shores in boats is no longer a crisis, because the numbers are not as large as they were in 2015.

Continuing on from the apparent swipe at leaders of the Visegrád nations, who argue the EU’s current approach of accepting all newcomers just encourages illegal migration, the French leader stressed that “the right to asylum is in our constitution … it is enshrined in all of our European texts”.

Stating a need to “build a migration policy with Africa … at a European level” Macron warned that “those who are entitled to asylum must be accepted unconditionally” by every country within the bloc.

The president’s speech at the Élysée Palace came a day after Salvini blasted the EU project as “unprecedented filth that doesn’t deserve our money” as other countries’ leaders insisted Italy keep its ports open for boats of migrants without taking a share themselves.

“The European Union has decided to turn its back on Italy once again,” Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said, as the country was locked in a row with Brussels over the fate of 150 migrants who remained docked for five days in Sicily.

“They want the €20 billion paid by Italian citizens? Then let them demonstrate that they deserve it and that they are taking charge of a problem that we can no longer face alone. The borders of Italy are the borders of Europe,” he added.


  1. when he was first revealed to the world my initial instinctive thought instantly was to hear somehow the song “stick a feather in your cap and call it macaroni , yankee doodle dandy ‘ played Now i have the evidence for the trust in instincts “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel ” Ben Franklin, writer of the American Constitution , and original Globalist.Of course you understand that is the real reason of the French revolutiuon dont you ?To remove rival royal families of a future one world government Russia Austria Germany Japan China Korre, etcetera etcetera, all next to go .The House of Saud wont be long any more than the Shah of IRAN or the Emperor of Ethiopia.the Raj of India —–

    • Lets call Paris New Abidjan and recognize the right of the inhabitants to have their own schools, bank and other institutions and suggest dandy doodle macaroni to buy an air ticket and leave the folks there unmolested.

  2. ” The propagandist psychopaths purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.” Orwell
    ” Far better to keep mouth shut, than open mouth and remove all doubt.”

    • The French do not like Macron. IMO the election was rigged, as Marine Le Pen was hugely popular in France and if you see any of her speeches, you will understand why – she is a force of nature to be reckoned with. Mark my words, Marine Le Pen will be back and in power in the not too distant future.

  3. After Macron met with Trump and made agreements, he went back to France and talked with his Rothschild handlers, turned around and stabbed Trump in the back and laughed about it. He is totally committed to Rothschild for getting him the Presidency and even fixing the World Cup so France’s chances were greatly increased. The basis for American culture, if there is such a thing, is in Europe and if this is destroyed both Europe and the US will never be the same. The empowerment of the individual comes from an individual’s nationality identity. A stateless person has no identity and no power.

  4. If the U K France and the U S had not bombed the crap out of all these countries ,there would not be a refugee crisis ,and this sick puppy would not be in power .Come on France ,do what you are good at ,being revolting,and putting up with your rothchild puppet

    • The French are freedom lovers. They have been under martial law for several years and are definitely NOT happy with that.
      Macrons speech sounds like the words of a desperate mad man who knows he is about to go down. In the end, the people will win.

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