Video Shows Family Being Held At Gunpoint At Area 51

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family taken by gunpoint at Area 51

The video below shows a family being held at gunpoint after knowingly entering into the Area 51 ‘UFO base’ in Nevada.

There are many unanswered questions about the alleged UFO base, and the numerous warning signs as you approach it suggest the government do not want those questions to be answered.

The signs tell the public to “KEEP OFF” and ground sensors leading up the base alert the military in the event that anybody gets close.

Open Minds reports:

A recently posted video shows a family being held at gunpoint after crossing the warning signs. Guards quickly swooped in seconds after they drove onto the grounds of the “secret” high security base.

For many years people thought the existence of a secret base called Area 51 was a fairy tale told by UFO and alien conspiracy theorists. However, a family found out last summer that discovering just how real, and how secure, the base is can be as easy as driving a few yards past warning signs telling people to keep out.

The video was posted on March 15, 2016 by Jeremiah Hasvold. The purpose of the video was to record a trip to Nevada by Hasvold and his son. One of the places they stopped was the gate to Area 51. In the video, Hasvold and his son visit the Extraterrestrial Highway and the “black box.”

A stretch of Nevada highway 375 near Area 51 was renamed the “Extraterrestrial Highway” due to rumors of alien spacecraft being tested at the secretive airstrip, where the government now admits is the home to top secret aircraft development. For years the base was unacknowledged until its existence was declassified in CIA document in 2013.

Video: Family Taken at Gunpoint at Area 51 By Base Guards

Along the Extraterrestrial Highway are a couple of roads that lead to gates into the base. However, once you get about 20 miles from the base, there are signs warning visitors from proceeding any further. On the hills behind these signs, security guards in trucks watch closely.

In the video, Hasvold and his son stop at a location formerly known as the black box. It is where a post office box used to stand at the turnoff to the main gate to Area 51. As Hasvold mentions in the video, the box has been removed. However, tourists still stop there.

While Hasvold and his son are visiting this spot, they meet some tourist who do not appear to speak English well. The family is intending to go to the Area 51 gate, so Hasvold and his son follow them.

While Hasvold stops at the signs warning people to go no further, the other group decides to continue. Hasvold video tapes what happens next.

The family that kept going is stopped by a truck only seconds after passing the signs. two guards come out of the truck, one apparently holding a camera, the other a gun. They appear to instruct the passengers of the vehicles to exit the car with their hands raised. The driver is then asked to approach the guards with his hands raised, walking backwards towards the guards.

The video ends there and Hasvold does not provide any more information as to who the tourists were or what happened to them. In the past, visitors to the gate who have passed the signs have been fined and/or arrested. In 2014, a tour van accidentally crossed the line and faced steep fines and misdemeanor convictions.

Trips to the gates of Area 51 are fun, and a Mecca for UFO enthusiasts, but if you do make the trip, for goodness sakes, do not pass the signs.