Los Angeles Attempts To Solve Homeless Crisis By Banning the Word ‘Homeless’

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Trash lies beside makeshift shelters as disease and filth reach epidemic levels in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has the largest homeless population in the United States but rather than address the problem by taking a long, hard look at the disastrous far-left policies that have turned vast areas of the city into a third-world sh*thole, the Democrats in charge have decided to stop using the world ‘homeless.’

If you dare to set foot in Los Angeles in the future and dare to pass comment on the extraordinary number of homeless people in the vicinity, you will likely be met with shocked and outraged glares. Because Los Angeles doesn’t have homeless people anymore — at least according to the authorities.

The LA Homeless Services Authority has put out a call for the word ‘homeless’ to be canceled, claiming that the term is ‘outdated and dehumanising’, and leads to ‘othering’. Welcome to 2022: rather than solving the homelessness crisis, the far-left authorities are banning words and language.

The LA Homeless Authority, which has the word Homeless in its name, wants to see it replaced with terms such as ‘unhoused’ and ‘people who live outside’.

To be sure, the ‘unhoused’ in Los Angeles will sleep so much better at night in their makeshift tents on Skid Row, surrounded by mentally ill drug addicts and alcoholics, knowing that the middle-classes in their comfortably appointed living rooms are referring to them as ‘people who live outside.’

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But seriously, what other terms are off limits now?

Of course, banning the world ‘homeless’ will not do anything to improve the homelessness people living outside epidemic that is getting worse in every Democrat-run city in the country.

Figures from January 2020 show that more than 580,000 people were homeless in the U.S. on a given night, with an estimated 226,000 of them sleeping outside, in cars, or under bridges and overpasses. The real number is likely to be much higher.

in 2019, Los Angeles’ head of homelessness resigned after presiding over a staggering 33% increase in people living outside over the course of just five years.

Don’t say ‘homeless’ though.

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