Three Whales Found Dead On Lincolnshire Beach

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Three dead sperm whales washed up on a beach in Skegness, Lincolnshire on Sunday.

They are thought to be from the same pod as the whale that died on the coast of Norfolk on Friday despite efforts to rescue it.

Planet Rock reports:

East Lindsey District Council has urged the public not to go near the whales and is arranging for them to be cordoned off.

A statement said: “As is usual procedure when this type of event occurs, the council must make contact with the relevant authorities to check whether they wish to review the carcasses.

“Once this is known the council can arrange removal. Removal is likely to take a few days.”

The 50ft sperm whale that died on the beach in Hunstanton, Norfolk, on Friday was part of a group of six spotted in the Wash.

It is thought it became distressed and injured its tail thrashing around in the shallow waters.

Rescue divers were joined by staff from RNLI, HM Coastguard and Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary – but their attempts to push the whale back into deeper waters were unsuccessful.

The whales that have washed up in the UK are thought to be from a large pod, some of which beached in the Netherlands and Germany.

“There have been 12 other sperm whales that stranded and died, six in the Netherlands and six in Germany,” said Dr Peter Evans, director of the Seawatch Foundation.

“They were probably all in the same group, quite a big group which are usually adolescent males a few years old.”

Dr Evans added: “They feed on squid and what’s probably happened is that squid came in and the whales fed upon them but ran out of food.

“The further south they got the shallower the water gets and when they got to Norfolk, which is very, very shallow, it’s quite difficult to navigate and they tend to lose their way and actually strand.”

Last year, conservationists said a series of whale and dolphin deaths could be linked to sonar confusing the animals.



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