Child Genius Reveals Symbolic Pattern Hidden In The 4 Times Table

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A child genius has found a secret geometric pattern hidden in the 4 times table with symbolic references worldwide.

The seven year old has worked out that if you apply a vedic mathematical principle called the sutra digit sums to the 4 times table you will get an Enneagram, a nine pointed star.

Math genius Amir shows how he summed up the digits from the 4 times table and reduced them into a single digit from 1 to 9.

In the process of linking the numbers together within a circle he came up with a beautiful geometric pattern that has significance for many people and beliefs.

Truth Theory reports:

In the example of 12×4=48 you would add 4 and 8, giving you 12, then you would add the 1 and 2, giving you 3.

When you you apply this formula to the 4 times table we are left with a beautiful geometric pattern which has significant symbolic meaning.

The 9 pointed star mentioned in the video is called the Enneagram- taken from Symbol Dictionary

An enneagram is a nine pointed star composed of three overlapping triangles.

A nonagram is any nine-pointed polygon. In esoteric kabbalistic doctrine, it represents the sphere of Yesod, the moon, dreams and illusions. The enneagram is a well known emblem of the Baha’i faith, symbolizing the value of the word baha, “glory.”

Another type of enneagram was devised by the esoteric philosopher Gurdjieff, a nine pointed glyph. The emblem’s unusual shape is constructed by mapping the sequence of musical octaves, and has come to represent Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way Society and its philosophies.

Gurdjieff’s enneagram is likely based on the kabbalistic tree of life, and accordingly, is said to represent the underlying geometry of the universe.

What this all means? I will leave that for you to make up your mind, but what is for certain is that there are some significant patterns hidden within numerology and geometry that are cross culturally linked across the globe to many religions, secret societies and people who have achieved the unachievable. If you start to look at numbers for long enough in the right way, you start to see some real magical things emerge. Much love, Luke

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

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