Disclosure? NASA Admits Water On Mars, But No Mention Of Life …Yet

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When will NASA disclose that there is life on Mars?

NASA announced yesterday that “liquid water flows” on Mars, and released an image of their find.

However, the agency are still denying that any life exists on the red planet, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, including the fact that NASA’s very own Viking lander discovered microbial life on Mars in 1976.

Since then NASA have attempted to cover-up their 1970s finding by declaring the instruments used to measure the microbial life to be ‘faulty’.

Could NASA’s revelation of water existing on Mars be the beginning of NASA doing a U-turn and admitting that there is in fact life on Mars after all? 

Naturalnews.com reports:

In reality, proof of living microbes was validated by the on-board gas chromatograph instrument in an experiment designed by Gilbert V. Levin. See this video for details on how NASA screwed its own scientist to cover up proof of life on Mars:

Now, NASA seems to be hinting in the direction of one day admitting there’s life on the red planet. From the NASA announcement today:

“It took multiple spacecraft over several years to solve this mystery, and now we know there is liquid water on the surface of this cold, desert planet,” said Michael Meyer, lead scientist for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program at the agency’s headquarters in Washington. “It seems that the more we study Mars, the more we learn how life could be supported and where there are resources to support life in the future.”

NASA isn’t interested in scientific TRUTH… it’s playing out a political agenda

Now that NASA has “officially” ended the cover-up about water on Mars, don’t look for any mass apologies being offered to all of us who have been reporting the truth about water for years.

Yesterday, all of us who openly talked about water flowing on Mars were considered “kooks.” Now we’re suddenly aligned with official NASA science. What changed in the last 24 hours? Only NASA’s willingness to voluntarily end its own anti-science cover-up of undeniable evidence that’s been available for years.

NASA, you see, is more of a political group than a science group. That’s why NASA continues to go to great lengths to cover up proof of microbial life on Mars (not to mention possible artifacts from ancient aliens who previously visited the red planet).

And if NASA has been covering up the obvious evidence of flowing water for the last few decades, we all have to ask the obvious question: What else is NASA covering up?

I’ll tell you what: There is life on Mars right now. Living, breathing, replicating and evolving. Mars is alive with “extremophile” microbes that live in the soil and the water flows. In fact, life is abundant across our cosmos, which means we are not alone.


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