OOPS! Chuck Schumer Outs Lt. Vindman as One of Schiff’s ‘Whistleblowers’

Fact checked
Chuck Schumer accidentally outs Lt. Vindman as on of Schiff's whistleblowers

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer appears to have outed one of Adam Schiff’s whistleblowers on Twitter.

In a tweet on Friday morning, Senator Schumer outed Lt. Alexander Vindman as one of the whistleblowers.

In the tweet Schumer referred to “Alexander Vindman and whistleblowers like him.”  Oops!

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Would Cryin’ Chuck refer to Vindman “and whistleblowers like him” if Vindman wasn’t a whistleblower? 

How does Cryin’ Chuck know this?  We were told by Adam Schiff that the whistleblower’s identity was unknown?

Rising Serpent was quick to correct Cryin’ Chuck and point out that Vindman should be referred to as “Lt. Colonel whistleblower” and should be addressed with respect!

Vindman corrected Republican leader Devin Nunes and demanded he be referred to by his military rank during his testimony during the Schiff Show –

Nobody ever said Fake Tears Cryin’ Chuck Schumer was the sharpest tack in the box.


  1. Clearly the Twit technology exceeds Lyin’ Cryin’ Chuckie’s abilities to proofread.

    What a glittering case for term limits!

  2. They always use colonels or lieutenant colonels to do the dirty works They’re at the UN between level where they know a bit more than the gi hoes or is it joes ,but way less than the real ranks so perfect stoolies.

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