Dutch motorcycle gang gets green light to fight Islamic State

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Dutch motorcycle gang gets green light to fight Islamic State

While the Islamic Sate is already battling airstrikes by the US and its allies, they now have a new threat to look out for -a motorcycle gang from the Netherlands.

Three members of the infamous Dutch biker gang “No Surrender” have  reportedly travelled to Iraq and Syria in order to fight against the Islamic State militants alongside Kurdish troops.

The Dutch public prosecutor said on Tuesday that motorbike gang members who have reportedly joined Kurds battling the Islamic State group in Iraq are not necessarily committing any crime, reports AFP

“Joining a foreign armed force was previously punishable, now it’s no longer forbidden,” public prosecutor spokesman Wim de Bruin told AFP.

As long as the individuals do not enlist in a battle against the Netherlands, they are not committing a crime, he added. If the members of the biker gang are found to be engaging in torture or rape, however, De Bruin said they could be indicted on criminal charges.

“The big difference with IS is that it’s listed as a terrorist group,” De Bruin said. “That means that even preparing to join IS is punishable.”

Dutch bikers are not the only individuals who have gone to fight the Islamic State. According to a Reuters report  it seems that some US citizens have already done the same. Brian Wilson, who claimed to be a former soldier said several Americans are now fighting with Kurdish troops.

There are a few Americans who wanted to come here and help the YPG in any way we can,” he said to Reuters, referring to the main Kurdish group battling Syrian militants. “Everything has been fine. They’re very nice, very accommodating, hospitable. Very good people,” he added about his Kurdish hosts.

Fighting on the other side of the battle, though, are even more foreigners. American officials believe there are more than 15,000 people from 80 different countries fighting alongside IS, including more than 2,000 Europeans and 100 Americans, reports RT

Last week, unnamed US officials said that some of the militants are entering Western Europe while disguised as refugees.

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