DC Police Pepper Spray Trump Supporters After Refusing to Arrest BLM Thug Who Assaulted Woman

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DC Police pepper spray Trump supporters after BLM assault

A Black Lives Matter thug brutally assaulted a female Trump supporter on Tuesday night, which led to police pepper spraying a crowd of Trump supporters.

These are the same cops that Trump supporters defended during the BLM riots last year.

Below is a clear video of the assault on the female Trump supporter:

The brutal assault took place right in front of DC police.


Nationalistreview.com reports: The DC Metro Police have repeatedly proven that the Blue Lives Matter movement must readjust their sights away from city cops. City cops are a different breed, they will cowardly follow the orders of Democrat mayors and stand down while cities burn, but they will quickly step into attack their own supporters.

Why defend them? Why pretend they are valiant heroes running into the Twin Towers?

“We Ain’t Got Your Back No More”

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