10-Year-Old Girls Told To Ask Fathers About Their ‘Erections and Ejaculations’ For Homework

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Australia is in the vanguard of the New World Order and it’s ongoing war on children.

Primary school children in the state of Victoria have been given a worksheet instructing them to ask their fathers about their “erections and ejaculations.”

Victoria is the state led by the notorious leftist regime of Dan Andrews, who ruled over the world’s most repressive Covid lockdown.

Liberal MP Bernie Finn brought the matter to Victoria’s Minister for Education this week after he was contacted by the parent of a ten-year-old girl who was told to “discuss with her father his erections and ejaculations” as part of her homework.

A photograph of the worksheet was sent to Mr Finn, which instructed children to “see how much the adults at your home know” about various topics, including the “penis growing bigger,” “ejaculation,” “wet dreams,” “clitoris hardens and becomes more sensitive,” and “vaginal wetness.

The concerned parent told Mr Finn that after a complaint was made to the school, they were informed that the content was “just part of the curriculum.”

My daughter still plays with dolls and writes letters to the tooth fairy,” the parent told Mr Finn. “There is no way any little girl should be told to ask these questions.”

After reading the letter, Mr Finn unloaded on parliament, calling the content “deplorable,” and describing it as part of the Andrews’ government’s ongoing war on children.

Mr Finn said:

What the hell is going on in this state when 10-year-old girls are told to go home and talk to your father about his erections and about his ejaculations? What the hell is going on here?!

How the hell are we supposed to protect our kids when this sort of perversion is in our schools? This is what’s being dished up to them on a daily basis. In a primary school, not even a secondary school, a primary school. This is just unbelievable. Staggering.

I could not imagine the reaction – I have three daughters – I could not imagine the reaction of any of them, if they were told to do that. They would be traumatized for life. I don’t think they’d ever recover. I’m not sure I’d ever recover.

This is just deplorable….and it seems to me to be a part of the ongoing war by the Andrews’ Government against children, in particular, in this state. Let kids be kids. A 10-year-old girl should not be exposed to this sort of material…. and I challenge anybody – just ask yourselves here tonight, would you be happy if you had a 10-year-old, and she was told to go home to talk to her dad about his ejaculations and his erections. Would you be happy with that? Would you be relaxed about that?

My G-d, I wouldn’t be. I’d be horrified. Indeed, we should all be horrified.

Caldron Pool report: Mr Finn went on to urge the Minister for Education to conduct an urgent investigation to remove the material and ensure no more children are exposed to the content.

Moira Deeming, a Victorian teacher who has long campaigned against the early sexualisation and inappropriate eroticisation of the government’s revised ‘health’ curriculums, alerted Caldron Pool to the Victorian Government’s Catching On Early: Sexuality Education for Victorian Primary Schools document, which she argues the worksheet read out in parliament is based on.

“These worksheets are conversation ‘starters’ – the conversation and the detail never stay limited to the words on the sheet,” Mrs Deeming said.

Screenshot from Victorian Government’s Catching On Early: Sexuality Education for Victorian Primary Schools

“There are only two types of people who would happily introduce this material in classrooms, incredibly naïve and ill-informed teachers and predators. Normalising this behaviour in all the ‘good’ adults undermines the ability for children to quickly distinguish between someone who has crossed a line and is dangerous and someone who is not. And who does that benefit? It certainly isn’t children and those who actually want to protect children.”

“That 10-year-old girl was uncomfortable with the homework, her parents were uncomfortable with the homework- and I know of even worse cases of inappropriate classroom discussions which had the same outcome- which was in essence that students and parents have no right to complain about creepy teachers who ask too many personal questions and pressure students to engage in activities and graphic discussions about erotic sexuality because the government has given them permission,” Mrs Deeming said.

“I have collected so many stories on my website about disastrously inappropriate incidents, and every single time the school has been able to hold up the government-mandated curriculum as a shield.”

Mrs Deeming, who is also a local government Councillor in the City of Melton, has launched a website called In Defence of Children to collect testimonies and information from teachers and parents about the impacts of gender identity ideology and erotic sexuality curriculums in schools.

If you’re concerned about what your children have been exposed to in the classroom, you can reach out to Mrs Deeming via her website. Identities can be kept anonymous.

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