Deadly German Bioweapons Found in Ukraine – Media Blackout

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German bioweapons discovered in Ukraine amid media blackout

Dangerous military-biological weapons have been found in Ukraine, according to Russia’s permanent representative at the UN office in Geneva, Gennady Gatilov.

The purpose of the bioweapons were to investigate the potential of deadly diseases, such as Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever. reports: According to Gatilov, the project was funded by the German Foreign Ministry and the German Armed Forces. The public knew nothing about it. At the plenary session of the Disarmament Conference in Geneva on March 31, 2022, the diplomat demanded that this, like the programs of the US, needs to be investigated. Gatilov mentioned that in addition to Georgia and Great Britain, Germany is also outsourcing parts of its biological weapons research to Ukraine.

Exchange of biomaterials

The German Institute for Tropical Medicine has cooperated with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Kiev has committed itself to supply blood samples of the Slavic ethnic groups from different regions of the country. In addition, there were regular visits by German specialists to Ukrainian hospitals in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and Lemberg – where they personally familiarized themselves with the peculiarities of the course of the disease in the local population. These cities also have US bioweapons laboratories. Samples were exchanged with the Friedrich Löffler Institute for Animal Health, among others.

Hunter Biden right in the middle

Gatilov revisited the details of US military biology research in a network of over 30 US-led laboratories in Ukraine. The work there was all carried out on behalf of and with funding from the US. Pentagon contractors implementing bioweapons research were well-known companies such as Black and VeachMetabiotaCH2M Hill. The name of the US President’s son Hunter Biden, who played a central role in funding the research mentioned, also appears as FWM reported earlier.

Preparatory work for camouflaged pandemics

The main point of the US research was the possibility of spreading particularly dangerous infections caused by highly pathogenic influenza H5N1, pathogens for hemorrhagic fever, Corona viruses, etc. Six virus families and three types of pathogenic bacteria have been isolated. These are characterized by resistance to drugs and rapid spread from animal to humans. Also, they have natural sources in both Ukraine and Russia, and their deployment can be disguised as a natural outbreak, Gatilov said.

Ethnic warfare

Bioweapons can theoretically also be designed to target specific ethnic groups, Gatilov added. He said it was particularly worrying that thousands of samples were taken from Slavic patients and sent to the Walter Reed Army Research Institute under the pretext of testing drugs to treat and prevent Coronavirus infections. For good money, Ukraine allowed the United States to turn its own country into a testing ground for extremely dangerous bioweapons research. Gatilov told the United States that this was not “noble help,” but the cynical use of foreign territory and its people for dangerous research that Washington does not want to conduct on its own soil.

US Violation of Biological Weapons Convention

Since 2016, when the projects highlighted here were launched, the US and Ukraine have never mentioned them in their reports on confidence-building measures under the Biological Weapons Convention (BTWC). The question is whether there was a violation. For years, Russia has been calling for the strengthening of the BTWC regime and the adoption of a binding protocol for an effective mechanism for verifying compliance by participating countries. The United States has been blocking these efforts for 20 years. One has to ask oneself whether the United States has something to hide.


    • LOL. Rosenfeld played the drunken megalomaniac Churchill like a fiddle, and got the Empire at fire sale prices.

    • One needs to stop asking such ridiculous questions and acknowledge that they very obviously do. You can see what, no need to imagine it, because it is all evidenced in black and white, original documents. Anything less is just wanking.

    • Garbage prostitute Germans and their ugly guttural language. Before Hitler, they were garbage prostitutes. People don’t know how low Germany sunk before it took a fascistic regime to get the Germans back in order. They’re still as egotistical and self-centered as ever, though. Germany’s been gone since after the Prussian Empire…

    • And there are still Nazis in Ukraine, have been there since WW2. It’s the Nazis behind everything in Ukraine.

      • There are no Nazis in Ukraine or anywhere else, unless you are referring to the comical (((Hollywood))) stereotypes. The Ukrainians that joined the Waffen SS were volunteers fighting against communism, just like the other 500,000+ volunteers from virtually every country across Europe, none of whom were required to be “Nazis”. Now, do you think that maybe, just maybe, those Ukrainians may have seen the Germans as liberators and have been motivated by the fact that millions of their family, friends and neighbours had been starved to death by the benevolent (((Russians)))? The “Nazi” narrative also plays in to the Russian myth of the “Great Patriotic War”, currently being spouted by Putin, that leaves out the bit about the USSR having assembled the largest invasion force in history, complete with defensive lines cut and specialized vehicles, in order to invade Europe. If it hadn`t been for Operation Barbarosa and the “Nazis”, Stalin would have been standing in Calais looking across at Britain across the Chanel. WWII, like every other war, was a banker war. The German economic miracle was done leaving the international banking cartel on the outside looking in. That could not be allowed to continue.

        • Right and the landing at Normandy had zero effect on America and allies winning WW2. Yeah, keep telling yourself that fella. I was in Ukraine in 1977 and it was our tour guide who told us this, it was well-known at the time. Nazis took control of Ukraine in 2014. I remember reading about it from reliable sources when it happened, some were Ukrainians reporting about it.

          • I have never said that the Allies played no effect in winning WWII. My father and 5 uncles served. All of them, post war, though the “evil Nazi” narrative was bullshit. That included a Jew that married into the family. Has Operation Barbarosa not occurred, Stalin would have steamrolled across Europe. Had the US and UK not re-armed their buddy Stalin, the Russians would not have been able to regroup as fast as they did. I haven’t been to the Ukraine, but met Soviets, East Germans, Czechs and Slovaks while at university in Scandinavia in the early 70s. They were more than happy to tell you about the wonders of communism and the heroic struggle against the “evil Nazis”. According to a couple of young Germans, everyone in Germany born in the 1930s was a “Nazi”.

            If you believe the (((Hollywood))) version of Nazis, then yes, there are “Nazis” there. There are a bunch of half-wits that like to kill people, using symbols associated with “Nazis”. Was the Finnish Air Force ‘Nazi’ for using the swastika as their Air Force marking until 1917? Other than that, there is nothing “Nazi’ about them. The bullshit narrative about the NSDAP is used to blot out the real “sins” of their programme – thumbing their noses at the international banking cartel and returning German industrial might.I live in a city that has a very high “Ukrainian” and Mennonite population. Most of the families left at the end of WWI when the Soviet union took control over territories that were part of Austria, Poland, and Hungary. I grew up with their children and grandchildren. These people hated and continue to hate Russians, (pacifist Mennonites because of religious persecution) because of the Holomodor, which I learned about 60+ years ago. They also hate Poles, Germans, and Hungarians. The shit being spouted by today’s so-called “Nazis” is the same shit I was hearing 60+ years ago. These people believe that “the Ukraine” – the “borderland” was Ukraine an independent kingdom that existed 1000 years ago, based on “national heroes” like poet Taras Shevchenko. Joining the Waffen SS was a means to an end – killing the (((Russian))) communists who starved millions of Ukrainians. Ask yourself if real “Nazis” would put up with a country run by Jewish oligarchs, a Jewish US State department that ran a coup to install a Jewish “our guy Yats”, then proceeded to install a Jewish actor as President. Nazis? When German soldiers were executed for abusing civilians during WWII, you dare to call these psychos “Nazis”? Calling somebody a “Nazi” doesn’t make it so.

          • You, like E. Grogan, haven’t the faintest idea of what National Socialism or Fascism really is. No political philosophy is perfect, they all have good points and bad points, but pretending they are something they are not does not help.

  1. The recent pandemic is emblematic of the inhumanity of biological weapons. It doesn’t take 15 -plus years to begin shutting down biological research laboratories. After the culmination of hostility in Ukraine, every citizen of the Planet Earth must demand a thorough and complete investigation of any and all biological research laboratories. People in general have no idea of the potential damage biological weapons can create on humanity.

    • The pandemic? Mwa ha ha. All that showed was how stupid and gullible a lot of “Useless eaters” as they call you, really are. You took a death shot FFS! Those who refused weren’t antivaxxers, just people who did some due diligence. Go get AIDS tested a few months after the third shot and you’ll get it. The cure for all BIOWEAPONs was kept secret from you. Discovered in 2005 due to SARS research was a combination which cured ALL corona-viruses within 4 to 6 days. ZINC, Quinine and Azithromycin for serious cases cures all Coronaviruses, peer reviewed studies and human trials. As recently as 2018. It was confirmed. Guess why you were never told? Because since the 70s all bioweapons have been CORONA-VIRUSES.

  2. using a person’s name is meaningless. it most likely comes with a price attached. hunter bidette as all usa scum politicians and family members wants money damn the consequences. just look at the trump family.

  3. And the WORLD is doing what???? Yeah, just like we knew…NOTHING! MORE FEAR MONGERING WITH NO ANSWERS!!! AS USUAL!!!

  4. ‘Media blackout’ – It’s not the Russians, Ukrainians or NATO or even the biological weapons which are the threat, it is the censorship and containment of factual news reporting to the public which poses the greatest danger to the public.

    • The bad guys never snitch on themselves, and the good guys root out the bad guys. That’s the way of nature- civilized world vs jungle world.

  5. Are you saying all the millions of chickens and turkeys getting culled because of H5N1 is probably a weaponized form from one of these US military run facilities, and they are hoping it will jump species?


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