Biden Is ‘Clearly in Partnership’ with Human Trafficking Cartels Says Texas AG Ken Paxton

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Texas AG Paxton

During a panel discussion at CPAC on Friday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton claimed that President Joe Biden is “clearly in partnership” with cartels.

Paxton was speaking on a panel titled “The America First Bar Association,” featuring Rep. Dan Bishop and America First Legal President Stephen Miller.

He said: “It’s so obvious, we saw what worked under Trump. It’s called enforcing the very things he talked about, and literally day one, Joe Biden comes out and says I’m not deporting anybody”.

TGP reports: Paxton blasted the Biden administration for dismantling Trump-era rules to secure the border, including Remain in Mexico and the Title 42 policies that the former president had enacted.

“So all the policies that worked that brought all the numbers down, when you reverse those policies, all the numbers went up,” Paxton said. “I don’t know why the media can’t figure this out. It’s really obvious.”

Paxton continued, “And Joe Biden is clearly in partnership, without saying it, without having a written contract, with the cartels… He has told them openly, bring as many people here as possible as fast as you can. You don’t have to hide from us anymore.”

The AG explained that border jumpers use to try to sneak across the border undetected, but said “that is not what happens anymore,” unless they’re “terrorists or really bad criminals.”

“This is an administration that this is exactly what they want. They know they’re helping the cartels bring drugs in, human trafficking, it’s all designed by our own government. And so we are in a war with the cartels, with the Chinese importing fentanyl, and our own president against the United States and our country and my state.”

“So we have to have a new president because this is clearly not working,” Paxton continued.

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