British Army Looking For ‘Gamers, Snowflakes & Phone Zombies’ To Join The Military

Fact checked

The British army has sunk to a new level with their latest campaign to get the younger generation to enlist. 

Their new recruitment drive targets young people with posters calling on “snowflakes, selfie addicts, class clowns, phone zombies, and me, me, millennials” to join the military.

RT reports: The campaign is a bid to attract young people to join the UK forces by claiming the army is looking for special skills in order to convince young people that their snowflake attitudes, obsession with their phones, and passion for video games make them right for a career in combat.

“Me-me-me millennials, your army needs your self-belief,” and “snowflakes, your army needs your compassion,” are some of the slogans featured on the posters.

The campaign’s television ads show young people being undervalued in their jobs, and claims the army is looking for such people as it recognises their potential. The drab work scenes are cut with exciting scenes of soldiers delivering humanitarian aid and other military moments.


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