Dr Martens Under Fire Over Boots Featuring Transgender With Mastectomy Scars

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Dr Martens

The popular footwear brand Dr Martens has sparked a backlash after promoting new boots featuring a transgender person who’s had her breasts removed.

The boots were featured in a photo shared on the official Doc Martens Instagram account last week, while advertising a giveaway for the new design by “queer feminist” artist Jess Vosseteig.

The latest woke move follows calls to boycott Costa Coffee after a cartoon image of a ‘trans man’ with double-mastectomy scars was spotted at one of their stores.

Some have accused these companis of “cashing in on the mutilation” of women whilst others have praised them for celebrating ‘minorities’.

InfoWars reports: The “art” featured on the boots included in the company’s “DIY Docs” shoe collection features a fat female with double mastectomy scars and hairy arms.

The shoes promoting the surgical removal of otherwise healthy breast tissue for the sake of gender conformity were the subject of much backlash on social media.

“Mastectomy scars? Wtf?” one person’s most-liked comment stated on Instagram, with another person adding, “healthcare isn’t mutilation.”

The boots were also strongly criticized on Twitter, with some suggesting a boycott in the same vein as the fiasco Bud Light found itself engulfed in when it partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

“Yes, I asked if they would be offering a vaginoplasty version in the future. I prefer my shoes to have more grotesque mutilations on them,” joked one Twitter user.

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