Iran Emerges As Middle-East Superpower

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Iran may be emerging as a Middle-east superpower following the nuclear negotiations with world powers. 

“Iran was reborn as a major Middle East nation. The framework could one day return the 36-year-old Islamic Republic to the status of a regional superpower ” Robert Fisk wrote in The Independent on Saturday.

Uprooted Palestinians Blog reports:

The UK author described Iran as “America’s new best friend”, the fact which turned the Saudi Arabia so angry and may seriously damage its privileged alliance with the United States.

“A kingdom that violates human rights in its treatment of women and fails to adapt to any form of free speech was never a ‘natural’ ally of Washington,” Fisk believed.

“If Iran and the West keep their word, however, and the distrust which even Secretary of State John Kerry admits still exists, turns into mutual confidence, then this week’s compromise agreement … could have an enormous political effect on the region. Iran could, over time, become America’s “policeman in the Gulf” as it was under the Shah’s reign,” he added further.

Fisk stated that if Iran-US ties changes into better conditions, the United States will begin to re-examine its relationship with the Wahhabi Saudis who gave the world Osama bin Laden and 15 of the 19 hijackers of 9/11.

As for Syria, Fisk wrote, the Lausanne agreement looks like the best news President Bashar al-Assad has had in Syria.

“Indeed, more and more Arabs will be inclined to believe that his life expectancy could be as long as that of his father, Hafez,” he elaborated.

Regarding the Zionist concerns of the nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic, the British writer concluded his article by asking “How soon will Iran suggest that a Palestinian state should be an important part of its new relationship with America?”

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