Is This Woman Really A Threat To National Security?

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Well, the UK police certainly seem to think so. Thanks to all the latest rushed-through ‘terrorism’ laws, Green party politician Jenny Jones is now labelled a ‘Domestic Extremist’ (and, no, that’s not even slightly connected to doing too much housework!) and is regarded as a threat to UK national security.

Her ‘crimes’ – all contained within a police file – include attending a peaceful Stop The War demonstration, going on a mass bike ride, supporting protesters at the annual Arms Fair in London and speaking at public conferences.

Here, by listing recent activity, she asks us all a very interesting question: could YOU be a Domestic Extremist too? reports:


I attended a Stop the War demonstration along with more than a million other people. I don’t believe that being on a peaceful, large march through central London should result in an entry on a police database.
Do you agree?


This bike ride happens on the last Friday of the month in London and in many large cities around the world. It is a procession, rather than a protest. It’s also great fun to be amongst so many cyclists, feels very safe and doesn’t threaten state security.
Do you agree?


I’ve tried to stop the annual Arms Fair being hosted in London. I have supported protesters outside and was given the official tour when I was Deputy Mayor of London. I feel it is a grotesque trade which has fuelled torture, warmongering and conflict, other politicians may take a contrary view. That is called democratic debate, which we must have.
Do you agree?


There have been 45 deaths in Met police custody since 2008 and in each case the family deserves a thorough investigation and to have their questions answered. After the death of Sean Rigg I argued that there should be cameras in all police vans. That is something the police now agree with and are doing.
Do you agree?


It’s possible some of my views might be extreme: I want an end to road building and runway building. I think the London Living Wage should be compulsory and I want a Living Rent. I oppose water cannon being purchased and am no fan of the police using Tasers. Undercover police should never have sex with the people they are targeting. And yes, I want an economy which doesn’t destroy the planet. Do you agree?

If you don’t agree, ask yourself if you have any views that might be seen as extreme and whether you think the police should be holding information about you, because of those views? Ask yourself if objecting to that kind of policing really ought to make you a legitimate target for police surveillance?


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