DEMS PANIC: Amy Klobuchar Blasts Sen. Hawley for Challenging Election Results – ‘This Is a COUP!’

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Amy Klobuchar blasts Senator Josh Hawley for challenging election results

Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar has blasted Senator Josh Hawley for daring to challenge the election results, declaring that his actions are a “coup attempt.”

Sen. Hawley announced on Wednesday that he will object to the Electoral College certification process on January 6th, 2021.

Hawley is the first Republican senator to publicly announce his intentions to decertify the election results. reports: Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar slammed Senator Hawley calling his actions a “coup attempt.”

Democrats are panicked!

The failed Democrat presidential candidate lashed out at Senator Hawley!

Certifying election results qualifies as a “coup attempt” in today’s Democrat Party.

These people are demons.

How outrageous!

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