Rogue Wave Wipes Out Australian Swimmers

Fact checked

Video footage shows the moment a rogue wave strikes a large group of people at a popular swimming hole south of Sydney over the weekend.

myGCnews reports:

Police say up to 150 people were swimming at the Figure of Eight Pools at Burning Palms in the Royal National Park at the time the waves hit around 2pm on Saturday, but only a handful were injured.

Witnesses said the waves collected several people and swept them across rocks and oyster beds.

A Westpac Life Saver spokesperson said at least one person was flown to hospital with serious head injuries.

Two others were winched from the water and flown to a fleet of awaiting ambulances assembled at nearby Garie Beach where several others were also treated for minor injuries.

The footage was first uploaded to Instagram from where it has since gone viral.Australian


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