Is This Proof That John McCain Helped Create The Islamic State?

Fact checked

Former Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain from Arizona, has been implicated in a conspiracy to help organize and create ISIS in order to destabilize the regime of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

He is seen in a photo at a meeting attended by none other than the Islamic State’s commander in chief, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The Daily Trends reports:

Here is the proof that the Free Syrian Army and ISIS are one of the same.

The US created the FSA to take down the Syrian Government and over the years it has changed its name several times. After each so called ‘friends of syria’ meetings they decided to call them by a new name, so they would keep the terrorist element away from their own Syrian opposition party the FSA.

There has only been one opposition and that is what is now call ISIS. The creation of the US.

And here those who carry the same flag, which we see at the bottom of the image, it is McCain the Republican Senator of the United States, and who is in the circle? It is Abu Baker Al Baghdadi, the leader of the takfiri terrorist EI (Islamic State) which carried out ethnic cleansing in Iraq.John McCain


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