Tucker Carlson: Biden’s Family Confessed POTUS Is Cognitively Compromised

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Tucker Carlson says biden's family confessed that he has dementia

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has revealed the members of Biden’s family have confessed to him that POTUS is cognitively compromised and unfit to serve as President.

He made the bombshell claim during a conversation with commentator Guy Benson.

Per Townhall:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson joined my radio program this week, and he had a lot to say on an array of subjects. We discussed the ratings success of his show and his methodology for preparing each episode (he shuts out social media, but is in touch with a large network of friends and sources via text).

The topic of Carlson’s self-identified flaws arose in the context of how he feels about his haters, especially those who toil endlessly to get him fired or forced off the air. In response to an outrageous anti-Fox smear from a progressive MSNBC opinion host, Carlson dropped the hammer:

I also asked him about a new poll showing that a plurality of Americans do not believe President Biden has the mental fitness for the job. What Carlson revealed in response is noteworthy:

I know a bunch of members of his family and some a couple of them very well. And I knew for a fact that certain members of the family were very concerned about his cognitive ability. They didn’t expect him to get the nomination. Nobody did. And he got it and they were freaked out about it. That’s…I’m not speculating. I know that for a fact. So I knew that the family believed he was in cognitive decline. So there’s that and that’s news. That’s news.



  1. Now they “confess”, is it a Confessional now the public arena? Timing it to perfection for crackhead kamrla to take over as the perfect puppet for the elite women’s circle to use as the vanguard.

    • If people knew and were still promoting him and his campaign (and I believe so) that amounts to a treasonous conspiracy and should be punishable by existing statutes. Kamala is unfit to be President, unelectable candidate and was only a ‘quota’ hire. Biden said so. Thanks.

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