WWE Championship Wrestler Bray Wyatt Dies Of Heart Attack Aged 36

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestling champion Windham Rotunda, AKA Bray Wyatt, died of a heart attack last Thursday, according to reports,

News of the 36-year-old’s sudden death has stunned the wrestling community after a statement from WWE last week announced that he had “unexpectedly passed.”

Info Wars reports: Rotunda earlier this month was hospitalized for a heart condition and recommended an external portable defibrillator by a doctor a week before he died.

From TMZ:

According to law enforcement records, obtained by TMZ, Wyatt — real name Windham Rotunda — told his girlfriend he was going to take a nap Thursday, and she became concerned when she heard his alarm going off about an hour later without stopping.

The report says Windham was discovered in his bed, not breathing, and was turning blue. Windham’s girlfriend called 911, as her mother attempted CPR … but he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Cops spoke with Windham’s immediate family members who said he had COVID in March 2023 and developed heart complications — causing him to have a “weak lower part of his heart.”

TMZ’s report corroborated claims made by friends last week.

Windham reportedly was not wearing the defibrillator device when he passed, though TMZ notes it’s unclear whether it would have saved him.

Reports of Rotunda’s untimely death sparked online investigations into whether the relatively young wrestler may have succumbed to the adverse effects of a Covid-19 vaccination – known to cause heart issues like myocarditis and pericarditis in young men – which the WWE recommended, promoted and canned wrestlers for not taking.

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