Trudeau’s Canada Introduces Segregation for White People in Public Theaters 

Fact checked
Racial segregation reintroduced in Canadian theaters

Theaters in Canada have begun banning white people from attending performances as part of a new racist segregation policy.

Critics have slammed the National Arts Center in Ottawa after it became the first theater to launch “Black Out” events – meaning that only black people can attend. reports: “A Black Out is an open invitation to Black-identifying audiences to come and experience performances with their community,” the National Arts Center’s website states, adding “The evenings will provide a dedicated space for Black theatergoers to witness a show that reflects the vivid kaleidoscope that is the Black experience.”

Further productions at the theatre are scheduled to operate a black-only admission policy throughout the 2023-24 season. 

Journalist Jonathan Kay pointed out that the first upcoming event, a show called Is God Is was previously labelled as for ‘black identifying’ audiences, but was swiftly updated to a full black only event.

The theatre claims that the events will “allow for conversation and participation to be felt throughout the theatre,” and will give audiences the opportunity to “experience the energy of the NAC with a shared sense of belonging and passion.”

Apparently not if you’re White, Asian or anything other than black though.

Ironically, on the NAC website there is a notification stating “We would like to recognize the Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation, on whose traditional unceded territory the National Arts Centre is located. We gratefully acknowledge them as the past, present and future stewards of this land.

Presumably they are also precluded from the black only events.

Responding to the criticism, Annabelle Cloutier, executive director of strategy and communications for the NAC claimed “There are no racially segregated shows at the NAC.”

Sure seems like there are.

“There will be no checkpoints for Black Out night ticket holders and no questions will be asked about anyone’s identity, race or gender,” Cloutier confusingly added.


  1. White lefties are, once again, trying to convince POC that segregation is good for them.

  2. Canada is a Catholic country with about 85% catholics.
    You’d think they would be proud of it but they seem to want no one to know. Very odd Course how that segregation based on religion happened is no accident of immigration.

  3. Look they’ve infiltrated all of the native land owners communities and made up all sorts of stories which they’ve them groomed and recruited leaders to think are real. They re setting them up to be the pawns in their power games. And they’re basically exploiting the lack of education of the people they’re using to deceive the world For their own profits.
    And the native people are bei g totally fooled For example they say all that and in NZ and probably every other country where they illegaly invaded and murdered and stole the land and now have conned the descendants I to thinking someone else did it, just like they conned the American Africans into thinking America ran the slave trade out of Africa under American democratic rule of law. Theyre twisting everything now to hide the past.Just like now England pretends they had 3 witches burned here and maybe 12 witches in total according to all their new books. Its all dubious at best They ran witch hunting for almost 50p years for a start They Bury everything, all their crimes and guilt like corpses in unmarked graves
    I know from before the 1980s when they took over publishing globally and started ckea sing libraries and book stores of disinformation that I calculated as a 12 year old who had researched the witch hunts for about 2 years then, that in total across Europe and england in the 450 year time period they most likely murdered around 20 million people, men women children, grannies grandads and even little babies as well as people’s, pets and livestock if they felt like it.
    They use the rule of law. And they’re doing it still right this minute everyday everywhere and people are clueless stupid deceived gullible naive idiots who swallow all their lies hook line and stinker.

  4. Trudeau like every other Liberal leader is a racist. He hates white people, especially males. When he looks in the mirror, he identifies as a native. Even aboriginals hate him though

  5. The Arts. Satanic ritualism. In ancient times, women were not allowed to act, only men. So men took all the female parts. Same with singing – young boys were mutilated for their voices. Nothing has changed much since then. They still do it. Look at ‘Lady’ Gaga (GagHag), I even think this Turd was born a woman. Good make-up, bad lighting, fake hair and other body parts sewn on or hacked off.

  6. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth…. in the long run this segregation issue may be a good thing. Maybe the self loathing white limousine liberals are right, they need to protect themselves, so separate the 13% that causes 80% of crime. Typical leftist

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