Kamala Harris Left Reeling As Crowd Greet Her with “F**k Joe Biden” in New York

Fact checked
Kamala Harris greeted with 'f joe biden' chants in New York City

Shadow President Kamala Harris was left reeling on Tuesday as a massive crowd in New York chanted “f**k Joe Biden” to her face as she arrived at Carnegie Hall.

Rather than being greeted by adoring Democrat supporters, she was booed and heckled by ordinary Americans fed up with the direction the country is heading.

As her vehicle arrived, the crowd chanted in unison, “F&ck Joe Biden and De Blasio”. 


If people in a far-left states like New York hate Biden and Kamala this much, imagine the glorious red wave rising across the rest of America.


  1. Frack Harris and especially for the border crimes and crisis. In truth, however, Biden announced this disaster before he was even installed as President. New York’s new Mayor Eric Adams seems fairly reasonable, for a Democrat.

  2. It wont he glorious It will be red .Americas doomed either way unless the unspeakable unbelievable awakening happens .But it wont.Revelations knows the outcome .A thousand years of peace .

    • ” But it wont. ”

      Unfortunately You’re right .
      Tha Land of the Brave became the Land of the Tongue-Waggers and Keyboard Warriors . . .

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