US Wants Coup In Venezuela Because It Sits on Vast Oil Resources

Fact checked

Why is the United States and its main stream media talking openly about a coup in Venezuela?

Could it be due to the fact it sits on vast oil resources that the US empire wants?

In the video below Abby Martin exposes the Neo-Liberal plan to bring down VenezueIa and the profit-driven bias of corporate media reporting.

RT reports: Venezuela’s oil – nationalized by Nicholas Maduro’s socialist government – is key in understanding why the US neoliberal establishment and their media openly talk regime change, Abby Martin, who hosts a show on Venezuelan Telesur, told Lee Camp in an interview edition of Redacted Tonight.

The situation in the Latin American country is now so dire and Maduro is so undemocratic that only a splendid coup might help Venezuela become a democracy again, she said, jokingly citing some of the MSM narratives.

“Here is the bottom line: the US has done enormous damage to Venezuela. Let’s start just with the Trump administration,” Martin, who used to host ‘Breaking the Set’ on RT America said. “There’s been just a constant threat of regime change and collaboration with the opposition to basically win and seize power through undemocratic means.”

The reason the US is so obsessed with Venezuela is simple, Martin said. “We know that the American empire is an expansionist force, we know that capitalism is extremely predatory… and it needs to expand.”

Interested in going beyond MSM headlines on Venezuela? Watch the full episode here: