HUGE: Rapper Lil Wayne Just Endorsed President Trump To His 34 MILLION Followers

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The Biden campaign has been plunged into crisis after one of the most influential hip hop artists in the world just endorsed President Donald Trump for re-election, declaring that POTUS is the man to continue improving the lives of black Americans.

Lil Wayne has a huge presence in black culture with over 34 million Twitter followers and is regarded by many contemporaries as one of the most influential voices in the black community.

Can Democrats win without the black vote they have been taking for granted for decades? Many political commentators say it’s impossible.

On Thursday Rasmussen reported that 30% of black voters were supporting President Trump. Look for that number to rise as Lil Wayne becomes the latest high-profile black personality to defy the Democrat party and leave the plantation.

The brakes are off,” said Candace Owens. “It’s been 60 years of Democrat lies. Get on the #BLEXIT train, or get left behind. No black person will be apologizing for supporting what works for us anymore. We are not a monolith. We are black, not stupid.

Social media users reacted with glee as news broke that Lil Wayne has used his voice to denounce the Democrat Party.

I am not black but I pray every day that blacks in this country will finally experience true freedom, that the mental and physical bondage of the democratic plantations finally be broken. God Bless you,” said Doreen Melucci.

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