Ugly Bette: Trump Is the ‘Most Hated, Most Repulsive Human Male’

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Bette Midler calls President Trump the most hated and repulsive male

Hollywood actress Bette Midler has launched another scathing attack on President Trump this week by calling him the “most hated, most repulsive human male on the planet today.”

The deranged Trump-hating star also defended presidential candidate dropout, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, calling her a “powerhouse.”

“#EllizabethWarren is a powerhouse, but Donald Trump, that stable genius, said she was unlikeable,” Midler said following Warren’s announcement. “Well, Don, in breaking news, she’s 100% more likable than you! You are the most hated, most repulsive human male on the planet today, & God knows, there are plenty to choose from.”

Trump on Friday discussed Warren’s exit from the primary race, attributing her political demise to a “lack of talent” and referring to her likability factor.

“People don’t like her. She’s a very mean person, and people don’t like her,” Trump said.

“People don’t want that,” Trump added.

“They like a person like me that’s not mean.” reports: Despite her defense of Warren, Midler affirmed her support for Mike Bloomberg (D) on Super Tuesday, telling her 1.8 million followers that she was “all in” for the former New York City mayor.

“TODAY IS SUPER TUESDAY, as if you didn’t know. And I am all in for @MikeBloomberg. Rail at me all you want, but I saw New York City go from being down on its knees to standing upright and proud after 9-11,” the Hocus Pocus actress said. “It was a long haul, tough; not without mistakes, but he got it done.”

Despite backing from high-profile Hollywood figures like Midler, Bloomberg’s Super Tuesday strategy did not materialize, and he subsequently dropped out of the race and threw his support behind Joe Biden (D).

Last month, the actress-singer freaked out over one of the president’s tweets, warning that he will “rule you until he dies, you die, or both.”

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