JPMorgan, Who Retained Jeffrey Epstein as Client, Bans Kanye West From Banking With Them

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JPMorgan Chase has closed Kanye West’s bank accounts following backlash against comments he recently made. However, the bank had no such qualms about taking convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s money, even after he was convicted on child sex offenses in 2008.

Candace Owens tweeted that Kanye was “officially kicked out of JP Morgan Chase bank” on Thursday and attached a copy of the letter sent by the bank to the outspoken artist.

“Earlier today I learned that Kanye West was officially kicked out of JP Morgan Chase bank,” Owens tweeted alongside an alleged letter from the bank. “I was told there was no official reason given, but they sent this letter as well to confirm that he has until late November to find another place for the Yeezy empire to bank.

Never forget. While Kanye West’s money is not good enough for JPMorgan Chase, the world’s most notorious child sex trafficker’s money was just fine.

Jes Staley, then head of JPMorgan’s investment bank, pressured JPMorgan Chase to keep Jeffrey Epstein as a client — despite the fact that the disgraced financier had been convicted on a string of sickening child sex offenses, according to the Financial Times.

Staley made the argument to other senior executives at the bank as JPMorgan examined whether Epstein’s conviction in 2008 of soliciting sex from a minor, which resulted in a shockingly lenient 13-month prison sentence, was grounds to remove him as a client of the private bank.

Staley argued 2012, the year before the bank finally dropped Epstein as a client following a barrage of negative publicity, that the pedophile had already served his sentence and paid his debt to society.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Morgan was the famous English pirate. They’re all pedophiles.And you can bet they were related. Piracy was englands tradition, now money laundering is.

    • Epstein wasn’t a child rapist Children are under the age of 12. Epstein employed sex workers or masseuses to perform rub and tug massages, for which they were very generously reimbursed VERY generously reimbursed. Virginia Roberts was given a million dollars as a gift. They were not children and they were not raped. They were young women. They were not prisoners taken to the island against their will They went of their own free will and they knew why.

      • Ahhhh so you’re one of those people who argues you’re not technically a pedophile because the children you want to molest are 12. That speaks volumes about you.

        • The Vatican has a ‘spread the other cheek’ policy for altar boys, he just misses his old Monsignor . . .

        • No Itxsoeajs volumes about you that you don’t even do your research That you respond like a cloned robot like the rest if dipsticks here If they told you having sex with a 21 year old was pedophilia you would agree because your stupid

          • If you’re going to call someone else stupid, at least learn how to use punctuation and sentence structure first.

            You must find children comforting because they’re closer to your level of mental development.

    • There was never mass child rape involved You are just making things up. And ignoramus pedophilia was only ever a crime involving under 12 year olds Any sex with over 12 year olds was for centuries carnal knowledge That changed after the Vatican was almost bankrupted by all the compensations they had to pay to under 12 year old victims of their pedophilia That’s when for history books they changed it to being having sex with under 18 year olds so that in the future, when they’ve chamge the age of consent back down to 13 or 14 they can pretend that all their convictions should be overturned too But your too dumb to understand or think or have any actual mature comprehension of law or history or image or social. Engineering because your a basic straight up brainless clueless ordinary average smart
      arse. Like the thick as bricks cretins who up vote your idiotic childish responses.

  2. Hey Folks, there’s a sexual predator and a child sex practitioner, that stole the Election, named Joe Biden, in the White House. Notice how no credible leaders in the World come to visit the White House; that’s the reason. And no sound reasons to call a Grand Jury, to indict and Impeach on these crimes?

    “People that promote pedophilia like Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and Jimmy Saville are monsters. And as usual the evil elites that you see at Davos, Bilderburg and Bohemian Grove and Wall Street are infested with these critters. It is infested of these criminals in government particularly the security apparatuses of the world or any organizations related to people of money and power. Epstein (THE MOSSAD pedophile) had a huge list of clients of which (ex US Presidents, ex Israeli prime ministers, and most banking and business elites and Hollywood). All these hide behind their ”liberal” facade.”

    • Sir James Saville was as testified by nurses going into the morgue and having sex with corpses as well as children in hospital. They were children not post 14 14 year old experiences street working prostitutes or girls bring paid 50p dollars upwards for performing sexual Services Jimmy didn’t pay them a cent Jimmy didn’t ask them if they wanted the job.

      • 500 dollars upwards for. Rub and tug massage. They knew what the job was. They said it was rape We don’t know it was true They will get thousands, for compensation, 50 to a 100 thousand for saying it was, rape and they don’t even have to have any physical evidence because their lawyers have covered that by saying they didn’t report it to the fictive or police because they were embarrassed. Maybe they were maybe they weren’t We font know. We do know they can make a lot of money because they agreed to go to the island fully knowing they would be expected to give Jeffrey massages.

      • Still a huge sign of Social Decay. That’s the goal of the Future, to root out the decay that’s purified America’s natural values.

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