President Biden Mocked Reporters For Trying To Ask Him Questions

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Video emerged this week showing Joe Biden laughing and mocking reporters for attempting to ask him questions at the White House.

On Wednesday, the president once again refused to answer any of the questions while his handlers screamed at the correspondents to get out of the room.

White House correspondents are becoming increasingly frustrated by the practice which appears to limit access of reporters that Biden’s handlers don’t like.

Summit News reports: Bloomberg News reporter Nancy Cook tweeted that “The Biden WH seems *particularly intent* on the press not asking any q’s of POTUS 14 days out from the midterms, w/WH aides screaming in the faces of reporters who try to ask Biden q’s following each event today.”

In the footage taken after a meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, Biden is seen mimicking the the reporters questioning him by moving his mouth in a puppet like fashion:

Biden now routinely displays nothing but contempt for the White House press corps, as his servants literally man-handle them out of his presence once the photo op is over to prevent them asking meaningful questions:

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