CNN: US Troops in Iraq Should Be Punished for Supporting Trump

Fact checked
CNN says US troops should be punished for supporting President Trump

CNN has called on the Department of Defense to discipline US troops who openly showed support for President Trump.

Shortly after Donald and Melania Trump surprised troops in Iraq Wednesday with a post-Christmas visit to Al Asad Air Base, CNN executives and anchors recoiled in horror after the troops gave the President a standing ovation. reports: President Trump also signed red MAGA hats and took selfies with the troops to boost morale.

CNN later decided to attack President Trump and our wonderful troops who sacrifice everything to serve their country.

Fake News CNN ran a headline Wednesday that angered Americans. “Troops bringing Trump hats to sign may violate military rule.” said CNN’s headline.

It’s Christmastime and the troops are away from their families, but leave it to CNN to attack them.

But it didn’t end there.

CNN’s Jim Acosta led a panel discussion on how US troops in Iraq should be disciplined for their horrible behavior of having President Trump sign their MAGA hats.

CNN wants the US troops in Iraq disciplined for their horrible behavior.


  1. Jim Acosta just proved he is the STOOPIDEST person on the planet, what an idiot. NO there is no rule in the military which says you cannot get the hat of your choice signed by a president. How dumb do you think we are Jim????

  2. Its about time all at cnn were executed along with obumma, soros and the clintons.
    And any other low life piece of shit waste of oxygen leftard.

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