Tony Blair: Barack Obama Spied On Trump During Election

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The stunning admission by Tony Blair will enable the DoJ to pursue criminal charges against Obama.

Tony Blair has ratted on former president Barack Obama, claiming he used British intelligence to spy on Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Tony Blair has ratted on former president Barack Obama, claiming he used British intelligence resources to spy on Trump during the 2016 campaign.

The world is focused on Michael Wolff’s claims about the Trump family, and especially his quoting of Steve Bannon, but buried in the detail is a serious scandal that threatens to blow up and pull in the UK.

Tony Blair is the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and was George Bush’s closest ally in launching the War on Terror post 9/11. Treated as a national disgrace and a liar after the tearing to shreds of his “Dodgy Dossier”, used to falsely justify attacking Iraq in 2003, since he left office, Blair has become an international globalist fixer and greaser of the first order.

In February 2017 he went to see Trump. Rumour at the time was he was angling for some kind of job, perhaps a Middle East envoy (though why the Middle East would want him to visit, no-one seems to know).

Now Michael Wolff drops the bombshell that Blair, who its not hard to imagine trying to impress and ingratiate himself with Trump, confirmed to Trump that British Intelligence (GCHQ) spied on Trump during the campaign on behalf of then President Obama.

The story has broken in the UK with all UK papers carrying a report: a couple of examples;

Now Blair is furiously denying and mugging as fast as he can to try and get out of it. Here he is on BBC and those who take note of body language know how to assess the likelihood Blair is being honest in his denials, and not caught out like a proper weasel:

So, what does this mean?

Firstly, it means that Trumps political opponents and the serried ranks of progressive SJW’s, who are jumping on every word in Wolff’s book, are going to have to be careful, because if they give the book too much credibility, they will detonate a mine that Blair has managed to place directly under Obama’s feet.

Blair is not the source for Trump’s claim Obama “wiretapped” him: but having that confirmation from an Ex-UK Prime Minister that the British spied on him on the behalf of his opponents, trying any means possible to prevent his election, is a scandal beyond international imagining. Not just in the US but also the UK: because how does Tony Blair know classified information to flap his lips about?

Blair now has to refute Wolff, putting him swimming against the tide and the preferred Deep State narrative, that really doesn’t want blow-back against Obama. Wolff has talked of tapes to back up his claim re Bannon: what if there was a tape of Blair and it was leaked to Wolff? Even more alarming for the globalists, what if Trump allows Blair to make his protestations, the Fake News line up to back Blair up, and then Trump releases HIS Tape? Who wants to bet he hasn’t got one?

So, for those who aren’t enjoying the served-up diet of Bannon vs Trump scandal currently on offer, I suggest, point this finger at Blair. Because if Trump does have his own tape to destroy Blair’s denials, yet its Wolff and Blair who have put this issue on the media radar, no-one can say Trump is moving against Obama unjustily: only responding to media events outside his control. Proving the Ex-British Prime Minister did say what Wolff claims he said, could see Obama end up in court.

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