Obama Admits On TV He Does NOT Support Gay Marriage

Fact checked

In this video President Obama tells the Saddleback Civil Forum why he does not support gay marriage

During Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008, he told the audience that he views marriage as a union strictly between a man and a woman, and assured the audience that he would not support a Constitutional definition of marriage.

He said that it is up to the individual States to decide how marriage is defined, and not the federal government.

One of the commentators on the video says:

“Don’t be surprised people, politicians rarely get to do things they agree with, they do what will “please” the majority if and only when they have something to gain from doing so.

Its likely they just legalized same sex marriage so people are busy celebrating and meanwhile they’re passing other laws we might dislike and doing something they don’t want us to know about, always the same thing.”

A video taken during the 2008 Presidential campaign has surfaced in which Obama admits he does NOT support gay mar… in Your News Wire on LockerDome on LockerDome