Australian Storm: Freak HAARP Superstorm Tosses Plane and People Like Toys

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The Australian Storm From Hell 

In on of the worst Australian storm supercells the country has ever seen, 39 people were severely injured, thousands of homes were destroyed and hail the size of golf balls rained down in areas miles long. [1]

Local school principal said the hail crashed through the windows “like missiles“.

I was shocked at the amount of damage mother nature can bring to a school,” he said.

The shear strength of the storm not just cracked windows, but cracked windows with shards of glass through the rooms.

“Almost every classroom in the school has been affected.” [2]

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The wind registered at 140 km/hr and much of the city is covered in floodwaters.  This Australian storm in Brisbane is one of the worst on record in at least three decades.

Australian storm

The storm was so powerful, it flipped massive trucks into the air and upside down in some cases, injuring drivers.[3]

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Trucks weren’t the only thing being tossed around like toys, as private planes were tossed through the air like toys, causing untold damage.  [3]

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Image courtesy of 9 News

HAARP Involved in Australian Storm?

HAARP, the global weather modification system, has it’s own station in Australia.  The latest Australian storm is not the first time that HAARP has been suspected of playing a role – especially when the storm itself is a freak, unexpected supercell causing such widespread damage as this one.

In a video by Jon Johnson released today, he points to some evidence that HAARP, in fact, was active on the day of the storm [4]:

One of the most notorious suspected HAARP locations in Australia exists in a place called “Pine Gap”.  According to Nexus Illuminati, this is one of several HAARP locations that modify or control the weather in Australia. [4]

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HAARP, for those of you new to the concept, is believed by many to be a weather modification device that the governments use against each other or to manipulate the global population.  For existence, HAARP has been blamed for Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 Tsunami, to name a few events.  [5] [6]

According to Global Research, “HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a little-known, yet critically important U.S. military defense program which has generated quite a bit of controversy over the years in certain circles.

Though denied by HAARP officials, some respected researchers allege that secret electromagnetic warfare capabilities of HAARP are designed to forward the US military’s stated goal of achieving full-spectrum dominance by the year 2020. Others go so far as to claim that HAARP can and has been used for weather modification, to cause earthquakes and tsunamis, to disrupt global communications systems, and more.[7]

So, what do you think – was the recent Australian storm – a devastating, life altering event for so many an act of God, or was it something more sinister – an act of evil?










Australian Storm




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