Democrat Dick Durbin Caught Lying About Trump’s “Shitholes” Comment

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Democrat Dick Durbin, who has a track record of lying about private White House meetings, has fooled the world’s media into believing blatant anti-Trump propaganda.

Democrat Dick Durbin, who has a track record of lying about private White House meetings, has fooled the world’s media into believing blatant anti-Trump propaganda.

On Friday morning newsrooms across the USA, and the world, wrestled with the thorny problem of whether or not to say the word “shithole” to millions of viewers watching. They wrestled with the problem for about 5 minutes, and then gave up. The 12th of January 2018 became the day the word “shithole” trended around the world!

How did this come about? Because sole “witness”, Democrat sneak Dick Durbin, couldn’t wait to tell all that President Trump had described  some migrants as coming from “shitholes”, and wondered why America didn’t have more Norwegians looking to become part of the land of opportunity instead?

The nuance of that question was lost to the moment as the media went all-out bat-shit insane with this incredible news. And when they really get behind it, the news doesn’t half travel swiftly.

Which is a problem, because no-body else present at that meeting remembers it ever happening. Exactly what Sens. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and David Perdue, R-Ga took to the air-waves to proclaim.

And a further problem is that Dick Durbin has actually spread fake news about White House private meetings numerous times before! Daily Caller had the scoop. In 2013 Durbin claimed an un-named GOP leader had said he “could not stand the sight of Obama.” This caused a brief media storm until the story was squished by President Obama himself. Did Durbin decide that the DACA meeting with Trump defined a target of opportunity for his dirty deeds?

World leaders of all kinds couldn’t wait to wade in, and in the UK London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and Welsh Plaid Cmyru leader, Leanne Wood, proclaimed a victory against bigotry, especially on top of the news President Trump had re-thought his plans to visit Britain in February.

Khan proclaimed that “Donald Trump had got the message he wasn’t wanted here (London).”

However, this didn’t go well for him, as Breitbart Editor Raheem Kassam took to Sky News to denounce LONDON, under Sadiq Khan’s Mayorship, as the “shithole”, thereby suggesting it was an entirely rational thing for President Trump to cancel his visit. His storming performance is not to be missed.

Leanne Wood took to Facebook to virtue signal. She proclaimed “Result. 💪Who said protest doesn’t work? 😉 Time is up on the politics of hate.”

This didn’t go without strong replies from patriotic Brits who had been looking forward to Trump’s visit. As far as they were concerned “Say it loud, say it clear, Donald Trump is welcome here.” Some pointed out, the politics of hate was threatening civil unrest because of a visit from the President of the United States. But with the crime figures in London, and the winding up of the left and anti-fa types Khan and co have revelled in, perhaps it really was too dangerous for Trump to risk?

And  I admit, Leanne Wood got a broadside from this writer as well: “The hater is extremists like Leanne Wood who don’t even have the grace to recognise diplomatic relations and cares nothing to the harm she causes our Nation spreading Fake News smears. The hate is all in these liberal fascists.”

But, international reaction aside, what has driven this story today? Why today, of all days, was the mainstream media ready to commit to this 120%?

The answer lies with Project Veritas.

James O’Keefe’s band of investigative journalists broke a tremendous story on Thursday 11th, Jan. Actually, a second video, following an equally explosive first, they have direct footage of high level twitter employees admitting that they “shadow ban” people they don’t like whereby people post, but their posts aren’t getting seen. Who gets this treatment? ANYONE Twitter doesn’t like!

The hash-tag #shadowban hit the web so hard, it was itself, shadow-banned, but it made no difference. This news wasn’t staying quiet. Twitter is in it with the rest. If Twitter falls, none of the others will like the questions that follow. So, in true one-for-all (its our asses on the line) style, the media has acted in cahoots to suppress the #shadowban onrush by drowning it out with their “shitholes”.

The astute will notice that reversal is a common method of the media to disrupt unfavourable news, and its very telling that the most damning statement exposed by Project Veritas comes from Olinda Hassan, Policy Manager, Twitter, as she says “We’re trying to get the SHITTY PEOPLE to not show up. It’s a product thing we’re working on.”

How telling, in a climate where we are supposed to be afraid of Russian’s attacking our democracy by shit-posting some stories, when the truth is, its TWITTER, and its co-conspirators in the Tech Industry world, that are distorting democracy to an outrageous, and dangerous, extent!

This fake news spin will not hold. Despite the outrageous disrespect of traducing the character of the President with such scurrilous partisan lies, truth will win out.

President Trump has started the fight back and you can be sure he has something special planned!

Besides which. Somalia IS a shithole!

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