Argentina accuses Washington of meddling in internal affairs

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‘Argentina’s Foreign Ministry has accused the acting US ambassador of meddling in its internal affairs after inappropriate comments made on the South American country’s economy, Press TV reports.

On Tuesday, the Argentinean Foreign Ministry summoned Kevin Sullivan, the US ambassador to Buenos Aires, over inappropriate comments on the Latin American country’s failure to repay its debts to US companies.

“Our Foreign Ministry summoned Kevin Sullivan because we understand his statements were unfortunate and out of place, apart from being an undue interference in Argentina’s sovereignty,” Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said.

Argentina denies any shortcomings in its repayment of its loans and blames the United States’ judiciary for not resolving the legal dispute.

Experts have recommended tougher measures against Washington, including the expulsion of the US diplomat for violating the Vienna Convention on international relations.

Meanwhile, New York District Judge Thomas Griesa has ruled to freeze Argentina’s June debt payment of USD 539 million in a US bank because two American hedge funds are demanding a full repayment of their money.

The two hedge funds, NML Capital and Aurelius Capital Management, have been described by Argentina as “vulture funds” that are seeking profit out of the country’s financial misery.

Barack Obama’s administration has voted against all resolutions passed by the United Nations and the Organization of American States condemning the international actions of specific hedge capitals in developing countries.’

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