Russian Observers Say Westminter Put Pressure on Scots on Referendum Day

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Russian observers think that Westminster put significant pressure on Scots during the independence referendum on September 18.

“According to what our observers at the polling offices tell us, there were more Yes votes during the vote count.  Scotland found itself under immense pressure… Those on the UK side campaigning for a No vote resorted to every violation imaginable,” Georgy Fyodorov, the head of the Association for the protection of electoral rights “Civil control,” told RIA Novosti on Friday.

Igor Morozov, a member of the Council of the Federation Committee for Foreign Affairs, said that the results were influenced by “Westminster propaganda.”

“We can see that, with the exception of Glasgow, those supporting independence failed to register a majority. I think that Westminster propaganda played a great part in that. I suppose it is down to information put out in recent weeks, from the party leaders, [that had impact on the vote], thanks to that the Scots arrived at the result they have,” Morozov told RIA Novosti.

The Scottish independence referendum took place on September 18, with 55.3 percent of Scots supporting a No vote, resulting in Scotland remaining part of the United Kingdom. Scottish independence was supported by 44.7 percent of the population.

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