New Video Shows Rep. Erica Thomas SCREAMING and Chasing Alleged ‘Harasser’

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Video footage shows Rep. Erica Thomas chasing and screaming alleged 'racist' attacker

New surveillance video shows Democratic Rep. Erica Thomas chase and scream at the man she previously claimed committed a racist attack against her.

As we reported last weekend, State Rep. Erica Thomas told supporters that a white man told her to “go back to where you came from” during a trip to a Publix grocery store.

Thomas posted a tearful video on social media immediately after the alleged confrontation.

However, the accused man, Eric Sparkes, told a very different story. reports: On Saturday Sparkes confronted Rep. Thomas and said she was lying.

He admitted to approaching her and telling her to use the correct check-out line.

He is a Democrat of Cuban descent.

On Saturday Sparkes told her to back off or he’ll call the police.

Eric Sparkes told Christian Jennings from Channel 2 he is a lifelong Democrat and of Cuban nationality.

Now this…

A Publix employee and witness of the confrontation says that it was Erica Thomas AND NOT MR. SPARKES who said “go back to where you came from.

According to John Nolte at Breitbart: A Publix employee told the police, it was Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas who allegedly “continuously” yelled “Go back where you came from!” at Eric Sparkes.

And new video shows Erica Thomas chasing and screaming at Sparkes.